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The Rachel Zoe Project is a reality show on Bravo network that chronicles the life and work of celebrity fashion stylist Rachel Zoe. As Rachel Zoe styles her clients, advertisers must discern which “style” of audience they can reach by advertising on The Rachel Zoe Project program. With limited resources, advertisers know that it’s important to find out which programs target The Right Audience® so that media spending is not wasted on programs that don’t offer an audience of people who will buy their advertised products. TRA’s Media TRAnalytics® allows advertisers to find out exactly which networks, programs and dayparts work best for their products and provide them with the highest return on investment.

The premiere of Season 4 of The Rachel Zoe Project was about Rachel traveling to New York City to work on the launch of her new clothing line. The premiere drew an audience that buys categories such as Spirits, Energy Drinks and Skin Care, but does not buy Diapers nor Bleach. A stylish media plan would include insights from TRA, to avoid waste and improve ROI.


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