The answer to Monday's Trivia Question: The Saved By The Bell kids went to Bayside High School

FIRST FIVE: Bobby Aguilera, David Gorin, Bill McLaughlin, James Schiro & Heather Sparks

Friday's Cable Top 5

American Dad-Adult Swim .8/2.0Kristy Carruba

WWE-Syfy .8/2.9

American Dad-Adult Swim .8/2.1

Law & Order SVU .7/1.5

Law & Order SVU .7/2.4

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5

NBC Football-NBC 9.8/24.7

NFL Overrun-FOX 7.5/18.3

Simpsons-FOX 3.1/7.3

Football Night in America-NBC 2.6/8.7

60 Minutes/Big Brother-CBS 2.1/10.1

Sunday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

Big Brother-CBS 61,920

Family Guy-FOX 50,895

MIra Quien Baila-Univision 49,640

The Simpsons-FOX 36,677

Yo Me Llamo-Telemundo 22,904

Sunday's Cable Top 5


Sunday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

Keeping up with the Kardashians-E! 79,416

The Real Housewives of NJ-Bravo 52,779

Long Island Medium-TLC 50,722

Married to Jonas-E! 48,164

Breaking Amish-TLC 42,894

Sooooo happy The Voice is back and what a way to start the show. Our four favorite 4 judges singing Start me Up together. Of course Adam looked soooo cool playing the guitar wearing an American flag T-Shirt and Blake went with his signature country look. Xtina had the big hair and the super sparkly body suit, but CeeLo was the winner. He wore an outfit that reminded me of The+Voicesomeone that serves grog at the Renaissance Festival in Sterling Forest every year. The cat's out, and a pink parrot is in. read it right...a PINK PARROT! So many good contestants I guess the ones that were most memorable was De'borah...not sure I have words for her. Which doesn't bode well for me as a blogger, but I wonder how the judges knew that De'borah was a girl. I had no idea she was a girl even though she told us she was. Bryan Keith (not the actor) was amazing...but anyone can sing the Bruno Mars song Rain and I'd hit my button too. So happy for Daniel Rosa. He auditioned last year and didn't make it, but he didn't give up, came back and not one but two judges turned around this time. I got chills though from the night's best performer, 18 year old Trevyn Hunt. Serious chills. Sure the talent was great last night, but for me, it's the judges that are the stars of this show. I just love them all. I love their chemistry and how they all really celebrate the skills and the individuality of the contestants. Even when someone doesn't make it, the coaches are filled with positivity and support. All good. So happy it's back...

I didn't want to...I really didn't, but I just couldn't stay away from Breaking Amish on TLC. I've always been fascinated with the Amish. I remember when I was little and we went to Amish country and I saw the buggies and learned all about them. They don't have cars, electricity etc. I knew if I tuned Breaking+Amishinto this show I would be hooked and I just don't need ANOTHER show right now. The timing is bad...really bad. I have trouble wrapping my brain around the Amish. I had no idea until I watched the show that the Amish can't take or be in photos. They don't have any pictures of their children when they were babies. Children don't know what their parents looked like when they were little. No photos or film of any kind. I'm hooked, and don't know what I'm going to do. I can't take this one on...I just can't. I'm not going to season pass it and hope I just forget to watch it next week.

Married+to+JonasCaught up on Sunday's Married to Jonas. God do I love this show. I have no idea why. There are so many more compelling shows, but there is just something about Kevin Jonas that I am intrigued by. He always wears tank tops and Capri pants, his eyebrows and hair are super manicured, yet he shoots skeet, can operate a back hoe and always seems to make his emotionless wife smile. This week, instead of hiring someone to dig a hole for a 35 foot tree to be put into, Kevin decided to do it himself. Of course he did knock down his back gate in the process, but ya gotta give the guy credit for trying. He has enough money to pay anyone to do anything and he does it all himself. I like that in a man.

Big Brother fans will be happy and roll their eyes at the same time to hear that Brenchel, aka Brendon and Rachel from Big Brother 12 and 13 got married on Saturday night. Apparently Rachel arrived in a helicopter to her wedding on the top of the AT&T Center in LA. I know...more eye rolling. Jeff and Jordan were in attendance and Matt, also from BB 12 performed the ceremony. If you are sad that you missed it all, don't be...the whole thing was filmed and will air on WETV's "My Fair Wedding season finale. Don't worry...I'll remind you.

Another wedding, but this one wasn't filmed for our pleasure...Gossip Girls Blake Lively and the Balake+Lively+and+Ryan+Reynoldsdumbest guy ever Ryan Reynolds. This guys was People Magazine's sexiest man alive and he's only 35 and on to his 2nd wife. Why on earth does he need to get married? Blake is 25 and I don't have a lot of faith in this one...I just don't. So...congratulations and good luck, I think they will both need it.

Hey Homeland fans (and really if you aren't, you should be), you can now sample the first 20 minutes of the season 2 premiere a whole bunch of ways. I haven't done it yet, but I intend to over the weekend. You can view it across the free On Demand channels of most cable providers with the exception of MINE...Cablevision (thanks for nothing Mr. Dolan), various Facebook pages, and the attached HomelandShowtime link: Homeland

In yesterday's blog, I included the Weekly Late Night ratings and was reminded by quite a few of you that there is also a bit of a morning news "war" going on as well. So...why not include the weekly Morning numbers also. The only thing I need to remind you all about these numbers is that they are RA 25-54 and not RA18-49

For the week of August 27, 2012

ABC: GMA 1.7/1.9 A25-54

NBC: Today 1.5/1.8 A25-54

CBS: This Morning 0.7/857,000 A25-54

Just a bit of an update on Live with Kelly and Michael (I don't care that they dropped the "with" I'm sticking with it). During the first week of the show, in metered markets, total homes were up 14% vs. last year. W18-49 was up 27% and W 2554 was up 27%. The show had its highest premiere week in 6 years. I checked in on Michael and Kelly today and was happy to hear that while Michael was on the plane coming back from LA at his "other job", he started watching Breaking Bad and is already hooked. Another guy is on the bandwagon, looks like we need a bigger wagon...LOL I crack myself up sometimes.

Yesterday, Jeff Probst's daytime talk show launched. As a loyal Jeff Probst fan, I just had to check it Jeff+Probstout and I have to was surprisingly great. Jeff is a GREAT host. Whether it's Survivor, Superfan Roundtable on the Howard Stern channel, Rock N Roll Jeopardy or his own show...he's just a guy that figured out what he was good at and is doing it. I loved his spin on the talk show format and while I didn't give it a season pass, because I just don't have the time for a one hour daytime talk show in my repertoire, I will be checking it out from time to time. Great job Jeff! Really surprised the heck out of me.

Just thought this was a great way to show how Mobile is really where most people are accessing the Internet.




Just a reminder 12 days until the EMMY Awards...get your ballots in ASAP! Let's see who really knows their TV! If you need a ballot, or want to forward to a friend, just send me a note. I am more than happy to send you another one.

Tuesday's Trivia Question: What school did Andrea Brandon, Kelly, Dylan, David and Donna attend?

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