The answer to Thursday's Trivia Question: MacGyver's real name was Angus.

FIRST FIVES: Jim Wall, Sean Peters, Bill McLaughlin, Dan Realson & Neil Moffatt

Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5

Modern Family-ABC 4.9/12.4

World Series-FOX 3.2/10.9

Criminal Minds-CBS 3.0/11.5

Survivor-CBS 2.8/10.1Kristy Carruba

Suburgatory-ABC 2.7/7.4

Wednesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

World Series Tigers/Giants-FOX 884,716

Modern Family-ABC 76,506

Supernatural-CW 64,216

Arrow-CW 47,041

Nashville-ABC 44,005

Wednesday's Cable Top 5

American Horror Story-FX 1.7/3.0

Duck Dynasty-A&E 1.4/3.4

South Park-Comedy Central 1.1/1.8

The Big Bang Theory-TBS .9/1.9

Family Guy-TBS .9/1.7

Wednesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

American Horror Story-FX 184,778

Duck Dynasty-A&E 118,839

South Park-Comedy Central 42,899

Piers Morgan-CNN 30,524

Ghost Hunters-Syfy 27,734

Late Night Ratings for the Week of 10/15/12-10/19/12

Daily Show-Comedy Central 1.0/2.2

Nightline-ABC .9/4.0

Colbert Report-Comedy Central .8/1.7

Tonight Show-NBC .7/2.8 (Repeats)

Letterman-CBS .7/3.0 (Repeats)

Jimmy Kimmel-ABC .5/2.0

Conan-TBS .4/.7

Jimmy Fallon-NBC .4/1.4 (Repeats since Jimmy was travelling to Justin Timberlake's wedding)

Colin Ferguson-CBS .4/1.5

Carson Daly-NBC .3/.8

Early Morning Ratings for the Week of 10/15/12-10/19/12

GMA-ABC 1.7/2.0

Today Show-NBC 1.5/1.8

CBS This Morning-CBS .8/966

-I love all of the costume ideas you get from the Halloween episodes this time of year. On Suburgatory, Tessa and her friends were the Scooby Doo gang, Dallas and Dahlia were Barbie and Skipper. Gotta give Jeremy Sisto credit...he shaved it all off, including his signature beard to dress up as his BFF Noah, but turned out looking like a Ken doll just for Dallas instead. This is a family friendly blog, so I won't go into how ultra-tiny Jeremy's nipples were at all. Rachel Dratch Suburgatorymade a creepy guest appearance as a feminist, vegan, witch who was stalking Tessa and Noah did a really good job imitating George. Odd note worth mentioning...did anyone happen to catch that when Tessa was hanging out in the bathroom stall it's now decorated and has a calendar, candle, extra pencils, books and a water bottle? Funny. I have a theory that ABC has a secret diet show in the works. First Cam from Modern Family loses a ton of weight (and a little of his funniness) and now, Lisa lost a ton of weight. My guess is they are filming the transformations and holding them for new show called Celebrity Weight Loss: Secret Transformations. Okay, digression over...I am looking forward for the flirty friends' routine to end and for George and Dallas to finally go out on a date. I'm hoping it's not awkward at all...but, I have a feeling it won't last.

-How hilarious was 30 Rock last night? Jenna's "Crab Catchers", Liz at a Republican fundraiser 30+Rockas the "Chum" and Tracy and Jack's breakdown of how each state will vote was hilarious. In a 2 part ultra suspense filled episode, Jenna Moroni and her Unwindulaxing hangers on will be the deciding votes in this year's Presidential election. Tina Fey is really an amazing writer. I guess her head isn't filled with what to buy at Kings this weekend or where she can find a good bathroom contractor. I know he isn't on ABC, but maybe Alec Baldwin is also one of the Secret celebrity weight loss stars...he IS free to do what he wants once the show ends. Alec's weight loss transformation continued this week but we got the added bonus of a hair color transformation as well.

-Ron and Lucy Lawless didn't last long, on Parks & Rec, but we knew they wouldn't. No way he'd hang out with someone who has two loud little girls, but it was interesting to watch for a couple of episodes. I was getting a little nervous when Ben was talking about taking over another campaign in Florida and continuing the long distance thing with Leslie. I think she was too, but since we Parks+%26+Recreationneed him on the show and Amy Poehler's the writer, she had him do what we wanted him to...propose. I'm such a sucker for a good proposal! Nice to see Leslie so emotional and she messed with us making us wait what seemed like 10 minutes for her YES response! Next week, Ben brings Leslie to meet his parents and guess who his Dad is? Mike from Breaking Bad. Should be a good one.

-I don't know if you guys are watching my FBFF's show Guys with Kids, but it gets better and better every week. Plus I don't care if it's funny or not, once they refer to Gary and Marni's kids by name, Clark & Yoda, you have no choice but to laugh out loud. In this episode, the building gets a new Guys+with+KidsCo-op board president (the chick from Hairspray) who is a stickler for the rules and outlaws welcome mats, unique doorbells and Halloween Hallways. Nick (my favorite) and Sheila, his least favorite person and a Minka Kelly doppelganger, team up to get Chris to date the pres in hopes she'll chill out a bit. Turns out though she has a Daddy obsession and just wanted to dress Chris up like Mr. Brady from the 70's. Special guest appearance by Brian Posehn who shows up in all sorts of interesting places. I hope he sticks around though...he could be good on this show.

Okay, stars dancing, stars skating, stars in boot camp but stars DIVING? That's what I show...Stars Diving? Are these "Z" level stars? Who would do this one? I need more info. I'm not one of the now 30 million Netflix streaming customers. That number is worldwide, but 25 million customers are in fact in the US. I've been doing just fine without Netflix thank you very much.

-I haven't been talking much about Breaking Amish, mainly because I never watch it when it airs live. I usually catch up during the weekend on one or sometimes two episodes. I still watch it, and while it definitely isn't as amazing as I thought it was originally, I haven't deleted my season pass. The season finale airs on 11/11 and there have been so many rumors and controversial articles about the cast that they have agreed to a two part reunion! (Exciting right?) The first part will air after the finale on 11/11 and the second part will air the following Sunday 11/18. The cast will fill us all in on everything we are dying to know since the show ended. I personally cannot wait.

-I just read about an awesome App for moviegoers called the RUNPEE App. If you're like me, you hate missing any part of the movie when you are in the theatre. This app will vibrate when you are approaching a good time to run to the bathroom or to the snack bar, and then vibrate again when you need to get back to your seat. It will even tell you what you are missing while you are gone. It will also tell you if the credits are worth sticking around for or not. The only bummer is that the App is not available for opening nights. The App is available for .99 on IOS, Android and Windows. I'm downloading it right now!

Another interesting chart...this one is a time spent watching chart with cord frayers vs non frayer...


Friday's Trivia Question: What were Mulder and Scully's first names?

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