I Really Didn't Want To Write This… But, Dozens of Intermittent Internet Burps…

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…finally lit a fuse. You see, today I was watching one of the year's first football games. Things were going pretty well when, suddenly, Tom Brady froze. Head back, water bottle tilted, he made like Leonardo Da Vinci's David (albeit with more clothing) In the meantime, a little white circle went round and round on my screen.

So, naturally, I thought of Jim Holanda.

Yeah, really.

Mr. Holanda, you see, is the CEO of RCN, Grande and Wave and recently, via press release, he assured the world that: "Since the day RCN, Grande and Wave joined forces, our combined focus has been to provide business and residential customers with a superior option for powerful and reliable connectivity, backed by exceptional fiber based infrastructure and localized expertise and support."

Mr. Holanda further informed us that "Today connectivity matters more than ever."

So I'm very glad to know that. But I'd be even gladder if I could trust the press release. Because, you see, we live in one of Wave Broadband's service area and our internet is about as reliable as a drunk firefly. On, off, on, off, on (sometimes for a whole hour!), off again.

I should add that we do live in a fairly rural part of Puget Sound so I understand that we don't have a just rebuilt Comcast state of the art system like we had in Breckenridge last year (slight exaggeration).

Still ... Mr. Holanda's bosses have recently put the RCN/Wave/ Grande combo up for sale (with an $8 billion price tag no less). So it just seems that a smidgen of system upgrade might be a really good idea.

Yeah. I write from home. I get it. And, hey, it was just a press release. Still, wouldn't it be nice if it were accurate. Hey, I know that even the US President often isn't … but, wouldn't it be nice?

Random Notes:
°Cheap shot fund raising … got an email from "Revoked — Democratic Leadership info@stenyhoyer.com" on Sept. 2nd. The headline: "SHOCKING: Trump threatens to REVOKE MSNBC'S Broadcasting License. 25,000 Democrats NEEDED to SAVE the Free Press — https://go.ameripacfund/Save-MSNBC WHOA! What a way to raise money. The email has a picture of Trump yelling "NETWORK NEWS … LICENSES MUCH BE CHALLENGED AND, IF APPROPRIATE, REVOKED." Cute, isn't it? Of course, MSNBC doesn't have or require a broadcast license from anyone. Sign a pledge to agree and please send money … this from DC based AMERIPAC: The Fund for a Greater America.

°Speaking of the Internet, my friend Steve Effros, a pundit for CABLEFAX DAILY, has a pretty good idea of how to cope with the floods of mis- and disinformation. "…what if, for the one or two weeks before the elections, we just require the big social networks to shut down? No Face book, no Twitter, Instagram, or the like. To be sure, that would mean that the good information would have a harder time getting through to folks as well, but there would still be more curated sources, like cable, broadcast, and newspapers to provide information. But it wouldn't spew as fast. Consumers would have a reasonable chance of knowing who was saying what and make rational judgements about what they're being told. Just an idea."

°Amazing world. Four cities in Indiana filed a lawsuit against five plus streamers claiming they owe fees because their signals travel over cable systems, thus using the city rights of way. The streamers include Disney+, Netflix, Hulu and more. Anyone want to take a bet on this one?

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