The answer to Thursday's Trivia Question: Hattie Braverman's Mom is Kristina Braverman from Parenthood.

FIRST FIVES : Elke Raskob, Bill McLaughlin, Sue McNamara, Mike Pierro, & James Gabriele

Honorable Mention: Dani Jackel

Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5

Modern Family-ABC 3.1/8.8
American Idol-FOX 2.8/10.8
The Voice-NBC 2.7/8.7
Criminal Minds-CBS 2.5/9.9
Survivor-CBS 2.5/9.3

Wednesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

American Idol-FOX 294,694
The Voice-NBC 209,757
Law & Order SVU-NBC 66,381
Survivor-CBS 59,577
Criminal Minds-CBS 50,222 Kristy Carruba

Wednesday's Cable Top 5

NBA Playoffs-TNT 2.4/5.3
NBA Playoffs-TNT 2.3/5.2
The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.3/2.9
American Dad-Adult Swim 1.0/2.1
Duck Dynasty-A&E .8/1.8

Wednesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
NBA Playoffs-TNT 598,903
Stanley Cup Playoffs-CNBC 59,139
Stanley Cup Playoffs-NBC Sports 50,869
Futbol Mexicano-Univision 30,470
Piers Morgan-CNN 29,064

Late Night Ratings for the week of 4/29/13-5/3/13

Leno .8/3.4

The Daily Show .7/1.6
Letterman .6/2.8

Kimmel .6/2.5

Colbert .6/1.3

Fallon .5/1.6

Nightline .4/1.6

Ferguson .4/1.4

Carson .4/.9

Conan .4/.8

Early Morning Ratings for the week of 4/29/13-5/3/13


Today Show-1.6/1.9

CBS This Morning-.9/1.1

Okay, after my heart started beating again, I was able to gloat about my sort of rightness on who the Mole is. I said it was David Rosen...I didn't think he'd be in cahoots with Billy Chambers though...that's crazy, a great twist and sort of makes no sense but I'm going with it anyway. Damn these writers are good! Of course we knew that Fitz wouldn't give up his presidency, I mean that would be ridiculous especially since the show's one of ABC's biggest hits and has already been renewed by ABC. If Jeff Perry doesn't receive an Emmy nomination for his performance last night, then something's wrong in the world. The argument between Cyrus and James was super intense and super uncomfortable and Emmy worthy. James really needs to bail on Cyrus. I don't even understand why he loves him, do you? I'm not sure what the name of Mellie's fixer was, but who knew Olivia Pope had a competitor out there? The guy was odd looking wasn't he? He had a crazy butt chin, a really bad rug and looked like he could be a vampire or something. I liked him though...hope he sticks around competition's always good right? Did anyone happen to catch Harrison's crazy outfit? I'm no stylist and I never understood suit/tie combos, but Harrison's bright checked shirt with the bright polka dot tie with the plaid suit can't possibly be okay can it? If my super stylish BFF Alyssa was watching, she'll confirm my suspicions. I really think that Harrison and Olivia are even at this point, don't you? Of course nobody ate, slept or went to the bathroom again. Just too much going on with a Mole in town. Next week's finale's going to be insane. I can't wait and yet...I don't want it to come, I'm dreading the end of the season, aren't you? For any of you NOT watching Scandal...catch up over the Summer. Trust me, you'll thank me!

Okay, I knew all along that the Catfish person was Unique, didn't you? The entire Britney MIT thing is absolutely ridiculous. Is this how the writers are dealing with her real life pregnancy? Sending the stupidest person ever to MIT? Rachel's Celine Dion performance was amazing, but didn't she look super skinny? If you Google her from Season 1 and look at her now, she's lost a whole person! So much Glee's "accept who you are with all of your flaws" theme, Lea Michelle went another route. Michael Bolton is Sue's baby daddy? That's funny. Meredith Baxter Birney looked like she was marrying her Mother didn't she? Odd casting. Of course New Directions won Regionals and the surprise wedding wasn't Kurt and Blaine's, it was Mr. Shu and Emma's which was a better way to go. Next season, we can look forward to hearing how a germophobe gives birth, what songs will be chosen for Nationals and what cockamamie ways they find to keep the graduates coming back for more performances. Honestly...this finale was weak, but at least they got the rights to a popular song for a change. Icono Pop's "I Love it" is my current ringtone...that was a pleasant surprise.

The Vampire Diaries
I gotta admit, I was really confused during last night's Vampire Diaries. I wasn't sure who was real and who was Silas, the veil came down, Bonnie's too young looking grandmother killed her? WTF? There were some good moments though. Alaric, Jeremy, Lexie and the evil Cole returned albeit briefly, and Elena got to say a proper goodbye to her bro and return to her nice old self. Of course now all the vampire hunters are back and it looks like the veil going back up didn't help matters at all when it comes to them. Also not good...Elena appears to like Stefan again which I'm not happy about. Maybe the writers knew that Ian and Nina were breaking up in real life and figured it'd be better to have her back with Stefan. I disagree. Also, the shirtless decreased significantly this season. Note to the writers...please fix this for September. Thanks.


-NPH (That's Neil Patrick Harris) will be hosting the Tony's for the 4th time since he's really good at it.

-A bunch of cancellations and renewals were announced yesterday. Here's a recap:
RENEWED : Parks and Rec (YEAH!), Criminal Minds, Carrie Diaries (this is surprising), Boston's Finest, and Nikita. CANCELLED: Guys with Kids (BOOOO), Touch, Whitney, Up All Night and 1600 Penn.

-Randy Jackson announced that this would be his last season of American Idol and we already have a pretty good feeling that none of the other judges will be back so it will be VERY interesting to see who ends up on the judges panel next season and if anyone will even care. Simon and Demi should bag X Factor and go back to Idol for a "very special" final season and then put the show out of its misery. I know it will never happen, 11 million people still watch Idol, but it would be cool to just move on at this point. We have The Voice, that's really all we need in this genre.

-The "housewives" of Bravo's Real Housewives of NY are holding out for mo money at the moment. Filming was supposed to start Wednesday and nobody showed up. Last season's RHONY was the lowest rated ever, so how in the world can these women feel they deserve a raise? Bravo should fire them all and just start all over, or bag NY completely.

-Next week is Upfront week...I can't wait!

Friday's Trivia Question : Who is King Joffrey's Mom?

Have a great weekend ! Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!

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