The answer to Wednesday's Trivia Question: M*A*S*H* stands for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

FIRST FIVES:Dan Realson, Gerald Piscopo, Jim Wall, Bob Kaplan & Karen Hadley

Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5


NCIS-CBS 1.0/6.7 Kristy Carruba

NCIS LA-CBS 1.0/5.1



Tuesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5




JUEGOS OLIMPICOS-Telemundo 94,713

JUEGOS OLIMPICOS-Telemundo 92,571

Tuesday's Cable Top 5

TEEN MOM-MTV 1.2/1.9

TOSH.O-Comedy Central 1.0/1.7


AMERICAN DAD-Adult Swim .9/2.3


Tuesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5






It's that time again...time for BIG BROTHER BULLETS

  • Did anyone notice that almost everyones clothes have stains on them?
  • Frank and Adult Baby New Year/Boogie are SO annoying with their faux Chill Town antics...
  • Skatty Janelle is SO good, even Brittany doesn't know how to play the game with her
  • Shane's strange pink tank top was back this episode
  • Shane looks more and more like Tom Cruise to me Big+Brother
  • Time for the Veto...JOE IS YELLING AGAIN!!!!
  • Jen the goth chick is SO under the radar...
  • Clown Veto theme...I hate clowns...crazy fear of them.
  • Shane wins the POV
  • The Houseguests seem to drink a lot of liquid, but they never go to the bathroom
  • Dan was missing for the first 37 minutes of the show, I guess they figured that they would feature Joe's yelling this episode instead of Dans'
  • Who are these people that have never had sushi before? Peas? No, Danielle that's edamame. Tempure-a? A Fork? WTF???
  • Janelle's husband was probably out of his mind when he saw his wife saying "take my wedding ring, take my earrings"
  • What was Wil with one L wearing to the spin the bottle party?
  • Danielle and Shane smooched...her game is O.V.E.R.
  • SHANE saves Ashley and puts Frank on the block...YEAH...GOOD MOVE! Let's see Adult Baby New Year/Boogie dance around now! YEAH SHANE!!!!


OLYMPIC COMMENTARY (aka bullets but not as catchy as above)

  • Wait a second...did Bob Costas get his hair done? Looks lighter to me...what do you think?
  • More synchronized diving which is preceded by synchronized hot top soaking2012 London Olympics
  • I thought those strips on the backs of the divers were tape to hold their itsy bitsy teeny weenie bikini bottoms on but they are Kinesio strips used to help with muscle issues.
  • I need one of those watermelon heads
  • Ipsen's package...Dumais' butt crack...just sayin
  • Ipsen and his package and Dumais and his butt crack all won a medal
  • Beach Volleyball action, but since it's at night and a bit chilly, the American's were bundled IBTWB action for them
  • Women's rowing...anytime I see rowing like this...I think of 2 movies. One starring Rob Lowe and one starring Jesse Eisenberg...subliminal secret bonus trivia, lets see whose paying the two movies.
  • Seacreast...OUTTTTTTTTTT.
  • Ranomi husband and I were debating which was the better name...hers or Destinee Hooker. Thoughts?
  • That whole splashing yourself before you swim thing just freaks me out...I could never do that, guess competitive swimming won't be my next hobby
  • The Pommel Horse --who came up with this piece of equipment?
  • Danell Leyva some crazy strength moves and an amazing floor exercise routing, bummer on the Pommel Horse, but he takes the bronze anyway...yeah Danell
  • John Orozco...disaster on the Pommel Horse...again!
  • 1/100th of a second gets American swimmer, Nathan Adrian, a Gold Medal in the 100M Freestyle. 1/100th of a second.


With all of the LIVE WITH KELLY budget blown on airfare and accommodations for all of the Kelly+Ripa+and+Lacheyco-host candidates this year, I think they've stopped spending money on Kelly's dresses. She's been wearing dresses we have all seen before. On Wednesday she wore that gray oddly cut thing that I hated the first time I saw it. The good news, Nick Lachey was co-host and I love him.

On Tuesday night's WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE, Andy Cohen had Joan Rivers and Rashida Jones on the show and Andy mentioned that Rashida Jones officially has a doppelgänger. Since I have always loved the word doppelgänger, and wanted to use it in one of my blogs, I had to share the photo with you's SO true. Rashida Jones and Olympic hurdler, Lolo Jones not only coincidently share the same last name, they seem to share the same everything else too...check it out!


-I got really psyched when Amazon released it's new Instant Video App today, but when I came home and loaded it onto my iPad, I noticed that searching for content is a NIGHTMARE. Yes, Amazon has 20,000 titles, that include great TV shows like GLEE & DOWNTON ABBEY, but there isn't an easy way to search AND nothing is in order. It's just a giant library. You have to go to the website to set up your viewing. That's the bad news...The good news is that if you are already an Amazon Prime member (which of course I am) then streaming on the IPAD is at no additional cost! For now I will deal with it, and hope the Amazon people fix this asap.

Lizard+Lick-I have yet to watch LIZARD LICK TOWING, but Tru TV seems to have a bona fide hit on their hands. Even with the SUMMER OLYMPICS airing Monday night, 2.4 million viewers tuned in to the show. I think if you put the word lick into any program title people will tune in...Of course I have yet to check the show out...I'll get there at some point and let you know the scoop.

For anyone who was curious, Michael Phelps was NOT sporting headsetBEATS headphones, just as I suspected, he had a really cool pair of Sol Republic headphones which I had never heard of before. They are pretty cool! Check them out...I am so ordering a pair!

Thursday's Trivia Question: There were 2 Commanders of the 4077th. Name them both!