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April starts completely fresh, so remember to get all of your correct Trivia answers in regardless of what time it is. They all count toward the monthly prize!

The answer to Tuesday's Trivia Question: Wow! What a response rate to yesterday's question! I think it was a record breaker. A first: One loyal reader was in email jail and called personally to get her answer in.

FIRST FIVES : Karen Hadley, James Schiro, Ed Ziskind Neil Strahl, & Katie McCartney

Honorable Mention: Heather Doyle

Super Honorable Mention goes to Melissa Mattiace for knowing that there was really 2 possible answers to Tuesday's question. I was looking for Steve Carrell, but Mindy Kalling would have been acceptable as well! Congrats Melissa!

Sunday's Cable Top 5
The Walking Dead 9pm-AMC 6.4/12.4
The Bible-History 3.0/11.7
The Talking Dead-AMC 2.6/5.1
Game of Thrones-HBO 2.4/4.3
The Walking Dead 8pm-AMC 1.6/3.3

Monday's Broadcast Top 5
The Voice-NBC 4.6/13.0 Kristy Carruba
Revolution-NBC 2.3/6.6
Castle-ABC 2.2/11.7
The Following-FOX 2.2/6.5
Dancing with the Stars-ABC 2.1/13.7

Monday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5
The Voice-NBC 367,326
Dancing with the Stars-ABC 159,325
Castle-ABC 73,895
The Following-FOX 70,883
The Carrie Diaries-CW 47,788

Monday's Cable Top 5
WWE-USA 1.6/4.4
Teen Mom 2-MTV 1.4/2.3
Bates Motel-A&E 1.2/2.8
Love and Hip Hop-VH1 1.0/1.7
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-Bravo 1.0/2.1

Monday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 306,530

Bates Motel-A&E 93,997

Love & Hip Hop-VH1 78,058

NBA Basketball-NBA TV 74,015

NBA Basketball-NBA TV 50,455

The Voice

Usher's left leg was propped up, everyone was still in the same clothes and I've been meaning to discuss the tiny holes in Adam's white T-Shirt. They look like moth holes or something. I can't imagine he paid for those holes, but, who knows? As always, lots of great performances. My personal fave was Patrick Dodd who made it onto Team Adam, but the best part of the show was really the first audition when Audrey Karrasch sang "Price Tag" and Blake turned around first. Adam didn't turn around at all and when he went to talk to her, she give him crap about not turning around. I loved her for it even though she dissed my boy. I think everyone was shocked that she chose Usher over Blake though. This girls full of surprises. She's got somethin...balls I think you'd call it.

I can't even describe the oddness of Joey Lawrence's hair on Splash. Joey was sooo cute back in the day. What happened to him? Last night they even showed a photo of his super cool hair from back in the Blossom days. Now, the color is odd, the cut is odd, and he looks a bit overbotoxed in the forehead region. Let's get back to diving, because I feel guilty dissing Joey. This week, the "celeb" divers were paired up for team diving. Oddest pairing? Kareem Abdul Jabar and Louis Anderson hilarious and sort of disturbing. Nicole Eggert and Brandi Chastain were all psyched to be paired up together deeming themselves the "Mom divers". Then, Greg Louganis and Dave ripped off their shirts, donned their Speedos and showed the "celebs" how it's done. Man, Greg Louganis looks amazing...he's freaking 53 years old! Melissa Joan Hart, Joey's co-star, on Melissa and Joey (such an original title) was in the audience to chat with Joey and conveniently promote their show that returns in May. Drake and Katherine Webb, who's like a foot taller than him, did a really cool dive and I think Katherine had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction after hitting the water. Kendra's annoying fear of heights forced her to screw over her partner, the extreme skier guy and get eliminated. So an hour's worth of suspense for NOTHING! No voting necessary, Kendra's just sent packing. Kendra's a killbuzz glad she's gone.

Real Housewives Reunion Part 2
Sunday's Part 2 of the reunion was a lot of the same old same old. Tears, fighting, and Andy trying to keep everyone calm. I have to give Brandi credit for owning her words and not backing down in any way to any of the women. She apologized here and there but not for what she said, just for hurting their feelings, which I can appreciate. I kind of got angry with Kim though. She was so sensitive when everyone would accuse her of not being sober but never took any real ownership of why everyone would have the right to think that she wasn't. Whether she was on the wrong meds, jet lagged or whatever, everyone knows she's an addict, so it's her job to earn back every ones trust. The second an addict misbehaves, it's not unreasonable to think their off the wagon. Kim didn't seem to get that at all. Kyle didn't seem to own up to her lack of loyalty to Lisa at all either. What's with these Richard's sisters? Does Kathy own up to raising a spoiled wacko daughter? Nobody believed that Paul abused Adrienne or their kids and neither do I. Paul at least had the decency to tape a statement, but Adrienne was nowhere to be found and while I know the viewers were pissed, I could genuinely sense that Andy was too. Tonight is the Bravo upfront party, and I'm looking forward to meeting Brandi more than anyone.

Cougar Town

Okay, so Cougar Town attempted to pay tribute (I think) to one of my all-time favorite movies, The Breakfast Club. I'm not sure it worked. Jules claimed she hated the movie because she hates narration. Was there really THAT much narration in The Breakfast Club? I don't think so, but now I need to watch the movie again. Of course the entire episode was filled with narration and inner monologues which was cute but a continuous reminder at how little narration is actually in the movie. The way they got to the "grocery store club" was sort of lame. Jules is a self-proclaimed goody two shoes and wanted to do something bad, like steal something from the grocery store. Ehhh not that great of a concept. Of course she was framed by Laurie and got caught and sent to the back of the store where they sort of re-enacted the Breakfast Club library...sort of. The dance re-enactment was spot on with one problem...I guess they couldn't clear the same music? So it lost something for me. Jules walking off narrating their letter to the store manager and labeling each one of themselves as the "Goody Two Shoes", the "freeloader", the "dick", the "fire starter" and the "criminal" was a lame attempt, and fell flat since the labels didn't really describe their characters at all. It could have been so much better if they pushed just a bit further. It's hard when you mess with something that is just SO iconic to so many people, especially me! Super deluxe 10 point bonus if you can name The Breakfast Club casts labels in their letter to the principal. I'm not sure I can do it without googling...let's see if you can!


-Bravo announced a ton of new shows for the 13/14 season. 17 to be exact. That's a LOT! I'll read about them all and check out the videos and get back to you on which ones I'll be watching. They also renewed a ton of our faves: Shahs of Sunset, Flipping Out, Housewives of NJ, NY, BH, Miami and Atlanta, Top Chef, Million Dollar Listing, Vanderpump Rules, and of course Watch What Happens Live (What's Andy going to do, fire himself?). I didn't see Million Dollar Decorators on the list of renewals or Orange County Housewives. Waiting for some confirmations.

-I didn't think it needed to even be announced, but HBO formerly announced that Game of Thrones season 4 is guaranteed. Duh guys!

-In 2012, 106.2 million people streamed a TV show online or via a connected device. This year it's expected to grow to about 121MM and in 2014 to 130MM. by 2017 145MM peeps in the US will stream a TV show via a connected device.

Wednesday's Trivia Question : Continuing the TV/Movie connection theme, I name a TV show and a movie that share a common actor or actress. So here goes: General Hospital and St. Elmo's Fire. Name the actress.

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