The answer to Friday, 8/17's Trivia Question, if you can remember that far back: Lucy, Ricky and the Mertz's all went to Italy on a vacation!

First Fives: Karen Heniger, Bobby Aguilera, Bill McLaughlin, Phyllis DiCesare, & Neil Moffatt


Big Brother-CBS 1.7/5.5Kristy Carruba

Family Guy-FOX 1.5/3.7

Family Guy-FOX 1.5/3.2

The Simpsons-FOX 1.0/2.4

60 Minutes-CBS .8/6.7


Big Brother-CBS 59,974

Family Guy-FOX 50,044

The Simpsons-FOX 39,564

American Dad-FOX 14,880

Once Upon a Time-ABC 9,447


NA due to the holiday


Breaking Bad-AMC 177,356

Keeping Up With the Kardashians-E! 95,885

Sunday Best-BET 93,674

Married to Jonas-E! 70,107

Weeds-Showtime 26,025

Hope you've all had a good few weeks. I have SO much stored up in my brain again, it's a bit tough for me to put it all in the right order since I'm coming off a vacation haze, so bare with me today. The only thing I watched live last night was a special Little People/Big World-Down Under. My favorite little people, the Roloffs, somehow were given the opportunity to visit Australia. I have no idea how these people have enough money to do the things they do and buy the things they buy, but I thoroughly enjoy following them. I love how Matt and Zach persevere and try to do as much as they possibly can and really experience life. Luckily the family wasn't home at all during this special. It always made me nuts how messy and chaotic their home was. Amy, who is usually pretty mean to her husband Matt must have gotten some therapy or watched her own show, because she was pretty nice to Matt during their trip.

WeedsOk, Weeds is finally getting good...just in time for the last two episodes to wrap the series up with dignity and bring us right back to the beginning when the show was good. I'm sort of bummed that Nancy and the rabbi are over, but I'm hoping that this finally gets her where she belongs...with Andy, her brother-in-law. It was so funny to see Nancy at a dinner party with regular people in the last episode, she SO didn't fit into that lifeat all and she knew it too. I'll miss her, she was a pretty cool character to hang out with.

The final 3 episodes of Newsroom were brilliant, but it took me about 5 hours to watch 3 episodes. I can never watch an entire episode straight through. Never. My brain hurts when I watch, feelings of inadequacy trickle in and I head to the kitchen for some grapes even though what I really need is ice cream. Then I had back to the TV hit play and continue forward, 15 minutes later it happens again. I love the show...but, it's hard and challenging and that's why I stick with it. I think it makes me smarter but maybe not.

Did you guys all watch the final episode of Breaking Bad? O...M...G...that's all I have to Breaking+Badsay...O...M...G...I would go into it, but I know a lot of people time shift this show and I SO don't want to ruin it for anyone, even with a spoiler alert. So if anyone wants to discuss via email...feel free. I'm still reeling from it.

We gotta talk Big Brother. Dan is THE man. He is. Love him, hate him, his funeral was brilliant. I mean, think about it, Frank wanted Dan out of the game SO bad that he submitted to wearing a carrot costume, gave up HOH and took a chum bath for 24 hours...and then after all of that decided to keep him in the game AND vote out Britney. What's even more impressive is that Ian doesn't even see it...he still wants to work with Dan and the Quack Pack (ridiculous name and even more ridiculous handshake) to get Frank out of the game and not Dan. Even Dr. Will has to be impressed. Other Big+Brothernotes: I was so nauseous when Jesse Clause showed up to take away every one's junk food. I hate that guy. Why doesn't everyone know that Pandora's Box should never be opened? Sure there's usually something good, but there's always a consequence and it's rarely good. I was betting that Ian was listening to Thomas Dolby's "She Blinded Me With Science" and other science themed tunes when he was listening to music in the HOH room. How funny was it that he got Lego's for Xmas and was actually excited. Gotta give the kid credit for teaching me something too this week. I had no idea that the inclusion of Bismeth, Ian's favorite element, was the key ingredient in Pepto Bismol, so Big Brother is also providing me with a bit of an education. Thanks Ian!

Married to guys check it out yet? I am obsessed with it. Kevin's family is nuts and Jonas+BrotherDani's family is nuts but in very different ways. I didn't really know how into god the Jonas's were. This past week Dani and Kevin went to visit Kevin's family in Dallas at their mega compound. As soon as they got there, the family's spiritual advisor came over to talk about Kevin and Dani starting a family which is all EVERYONE seems to talk to them about. Kevin is only 24 and Dani is 23 and on anti-anxiety medication. She's trying to get off of the medicine so that she can actually have a baby, but all of the talk about starting a family is making her even more anxious. It's a vicious cycle. Leave it to Ryan Seacrest to find another show that is a winner in my book. If you haven't checked it out yet, you need to and then let me know if you enjoy it as much as I do.

The final episode of Episodes was really pretty good, not exactly funny and Episodes is considered a comedy, but good nonetheless. Glad that the show was renewed because I'm guessing that Merk is going to come back with guns blazing having been fired from the network, learning that Matt has been sleeping with his blind wife, and being dumped by Carol, his loyal girlfriend after she tells him that she was offered his job. I'm not positive, but pretty sure there were more scenes of a guy on a toilet in this show than any I've seen before. I have to think about it a bit more, but I'm pretty sure I'm right.

Jersey Shore has been cancelled!!! HALLELUJAH! I know this blog is a Jersey Shore free zone, but when it got cancelled, I gave myself permission to express my joy and include the good news today. Now if only Honey Boo Boo and The Kardashian's would follow in these same footsteps, I would be able to keep this joyful feeling going for an extended period of time.

After KSL-TV in Salt Lake City declared The New Normal unsuitable for its airwaves, KUCW-TV, a CW affiliate in the market decided to give the show a chance and a home...Saturday nights at 10pm before Saturday Night Live, another show the Mormon owned station refuses to air. A friend in the business explained the market to me, and I do understand that a huge percent of it is made up of Mormons, but my cousin, who is not a Mormon lives in SLC and this sort of thing does in fact upset her...and it upset me as well. So kudos to KUCW for stepping in and airing the show.

You guys all know that TiVo is my DVR of choice...I love it...own eight of um, so I was totally stoked TiVo+Streamwhen I read about the new TiVo Stream device which will let me download and watch anything in my TiVo on any of my mobile devices. So when I'm at the gym...MORE TV for me. When I'm at yet another one of my son's games...MORE TV for me. Road trip, MORE TV for me, you get the picture... Right now, it's only available for IOS devices, but the Android version is in the works. Not sure how many of you own TiVo's, maybe that should be my next poll question, anyway, as you can tell, I am totally psyched!

Does Charlie Sheen live an unbelievable life or what? I mean really? Anger Management was given a 90 episode order...90 episodes! AND...Charlie finally decided to pay his Dad back for putting up with all of his nonsense by giving him a job on the show. Everyone wins...except maybe Chuck Lorre? I'm sure it's got to be KILLING him that Charlie's doing okay. I'd love to see a vanity card now Chuck.

M*A*S*HPrior to my vacation, Mash trivia was a big favorite, so for all of you Mash fans, hope you are aware that for the month of September, TV Land is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Mash. It started yesterday with a Mash marathon, then Mash will air every weekday during the month. On Sunday, September 9th, the network will air the 20th Reunion Special and then on September 16th, the original pilot and the 3 hour finale will run. Can you imagine if any show had a 3 hour finale now? It would never happen, but back then 125 million people watched the finale. It delivered a 60.2 rating!

This past Thursday's episode of CICGC was pretty good, you'll recognize Bob Einstein from Curb Your Enthusiasm... here's the link to make your life easier.

Robin+RobertsPretty sure Robin Roberts has a million other things on her mind right now and isn't reading my blog, but if by some bizzaro chance she is, I really do wish her the best on her next journey. She has really had some major curve balls thrown at her in the past few years. First breast cancer, then this crazy blood disease and now the loss of her Mom. We are all rooting for you Robin. Kick this things butt and come back stronger than ever.

Some more bad news, Michael Clarke Duncan passed away yesterday at the age of 54. I loved him in Armageddon, but of course everyone really knows him from The Green Mile. I had forgotten that he was dating Omarosa the evil mean whacko from The Apprentice. Out of respect I won't make a joke there, so think it to yourself if you want. RIP MCD


ust a reminder that today is the day Kelly Ripa will finally reveal her new co-host debut. I'm 99.99% certain it's Michael Strahan, but we'll know at 9am this morning for sure. Also, for all of you Flipping Out fans...tonight is the season premiere. We have Jenny's wedding and Jeff and Robot Gage's baby adoption to look forward to this season.

I read an interesting article on MediaBizBloggers by Don Seaman this week and felt like sharing his insights. Don provided a breakdown of where all of the primetime shows on the 2012/2013 season are fictionally taking place. Don, if you are reading this...thanks for doing all the work for me. Hope you don't mind me "Reblogging it" (as opposed to Retweeting it)

Of the 70 Primetime Shows where a location can be determined: 19 shows are set in NY
11 shows in LA
6 in Chicago
3 in Washington DC
3 in Colorado
2 in Las Vegas
2 in Indiana
1 in Alabama
1 in Tennessee
1 in NJ
1 in Sacramento
1 in Starling City (California)

If anyone wants to ask Don more questions, or thank him for doing all of this work for us, his email address is:

So for this week, let's see if you guys know your shows and where they take place:

Tuesday's Trivia Question: What state does Parks & Recreation take place in?

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