In a Cookieless World, Verizon Media Brings Innovative Solutions

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Deliver relevant ad experiences in non-addressable environments.

The ongoing identity revolution is drawing a line in the sand between advertisers and publishers who have access to first-party data, and those who do not. In the cookieless future, opted-in data will allow brands and platforms to deliver meaningful ad experiences to audiences. But with 75% of ad opportunities expected to be without identity by 2022, how can advertisers and publishers continue to be relevant with the majority of consumers at scale? The time is right for a solution that helps everyone reach audiences effectively at scale, even in the absence of identity.

As a pioneer in this new identity world, Verizon Media understands the importance of targeting, buying, and measuring campaigns, especially when an ID isn't present. Verizon Media's Next-Gen Solutions use content and other real-time data signals like weather, location, and device types that allow advertisers to connect with their most relevant audiences without the need for cookies, mobile app IDs, browser storage, or user-level profiles.

Next-Gen Solutions is an extension of our future-proof identity-enhanced offering, inclusive of ConnectID, Verizon Media's unified identity solution is built on a consent-based identity graph. Faced with the challenges of identity constraints, Verizon Media's approach to the evolving landscape will give advertisers the ability to reach their high-value consumers with meaningful experiences - and give publishers the power to monetize in sustainable ways - even in non-addressable environments. With a full-stack, unified ad platform built for the haves and the have-nots of first-party data, Verizon Media is uniquely positioned to help navigate the identity-less future simply and effectively.



The Next-Gen Solutions suite of audience creation, buying and measurement tools include:

Next-Gen Audiences - Built on Verizon Media's extensive first-party signals, these audiences leverage unique data as a truth set paired with machine learning and real-time signals to infer audience characteristics, including demo, interest and more in a privacy-centric manner.

Next-Gen Buying - Natively integrated into the Verizon Media DSP for seamless buying and delivery, Next-Gen Buying limits over-exposures and maintains healthy end-user marketing experiences for identity-less impressions. This tool also optimizes advertiser campaigns by intelligently bidding between addressable and identity-less supply.

Next-Gen Measurement - As cookies and mobile app IDs disappear, conversion blind spots and inaccuracies will increase, severely limiting the ability to connect touchpoints for measurement and insights into the customer journey. With Next-Gen Measurement, advertisers maintain omnichannel insights and measurement by comprehensively combining Verizon Media's measurement methodology with third-party solutions provided by browsers and operating systems.

If you're not seeking solutions to help you survive in the identity-less future, you're simply running out of time. For advertisers who want to future-proof their businesses in an identity-constrained future, innovative solutions for non-addressable inventory are a necessity, not a choice.

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