Indulging in "Safe Vices"

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This week on Mindshare's Culture Vulture Live, Aimee Goldfarb looks at caffeine vaporizers and the "safe vice" trend for brands.


Here's something that's making headlines: a company called Eagle Energy Vapor is debuting a new line of caffeine vaporizers. It's a product that works like an e-cigarette, but instead of inhaling nicotine, users get a mix of guarana (the primary source of caffeine), ginseng and taurine. Together, these ingredients provide an energy boost like coffee or Red Bull. While the FDA has yet to review the product to determine its safety, the vapor doesn't contain sugar or calories -- making it an appealing option for consumers.

Marketers should take note: As consumers become more health conscious and eco-responsible, finding a safer way for them to indulge their vices is a win-win for brands. In fact, we've seen a number of other "safe vice" products and services come into market.

One example is "daybreaker" events -- social gatherings held in nightclubs, but in the morning before work. These events don't serve alcohol, but act as networking events for young professionals. Another example comes from Australia -- where researchers at Griffith University's Health Institute have been working on crafting electrolyte beer that keeps people hydrated and tipsy.

How can your brand help people indulge in a "safe vice"?

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