Inflection Point: Cleaning Up the Programmatic Media Landscape

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It should be no surprise that we at Sonobi have taken serious issue with some of the bad practices in programmatic media that have become so common. For Pete’s sake, we built a robot suit and made four films to call attention to the problems. Watch one above. #bewareofthebrobots

The core issues in adtech are clear:

  • Untenable adtech tax
  • Lack of transparency
  • Daisy chaining of inventory
  • Broken auction mechanics

And the list goes on and on.

Of course, our goal is not just to end poor practices, but to enable good ones. When we were building our platform, JetStream, we kept these core issues in mind and focused on how to add value across the advertising process for all parties. We've worked to ensure that the product we bring to market and the demand/supply we continually work to integrate into our marketplace is what the industry needs -- and that it adheres to a certain standard. This standard represents a code of conduct that emphasizes service and ultimately creates value for the three most important parties in the media business. These three parties, by their order of importance, are:

1. The User
Serving end users requires a platform and technology that meets the most efficient communication model: Deliver the right ad to the right person the least amount of times necessary to monetize content effectively, while protecting the overall user experience.

2. The Editorial Brand
To serve publishers and media brands, it is necessary to maximize monetization of their content while providing the optimal user experience. This ensures content consumption is maximized and users get what they intended to get -- a quality content experience and a voice they are seeking to hear from.

3. The Advertiser
Advertisers are best served when they can distribute messages about their brand through advertising while maximizing their media investment. This means ensuring that working media is making it to the other principal -- the editorial brand.

When adtech is governed by these principles, definitive value creation can be demonstrated by creating a win-win-win outcome for all three parties. This is how we hit the point of inflection that is so largely needed in this industry.

It is because of this that we are elated to be joining the Facebook Audience Network Bidder program -- a program that will work to foster this point of inflection. Through this program we are helping to ensure that header-based technology can promote a fair and equitable market for all, while working to adhere to best practices that maximize value for the three principal parties in advertising and help make the adtech industry a slightly better place.

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