Influenced by OUTFRONT: Today's Urban Consumer - Watch it On Demand

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Join OUTFRONT in conversation with industry experts to learn more about how brands are reaching the Urban Consumer today. Cities are active, flexible and vibrant! Public transportation continues to move residents and tourists with new patterns of behavior, and a new type of commuter has emerged. We'll explore how brands are adapting to this changed behavior and the ways consumers are now engaging with brand messaging along their commutes as they continue to ride public transportation for both professional and personal purposes.  Click on the graphic below to watch the webinar.




This conversation took place on Thursday, August 18 at 2 p.m. ET.

• Brian Hughes -- Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Audience & Intelligence Strategy – Magna Global
• Amanda Temes -- Manager, Media Strategy & Affiliate – Fresh Direct
• Brian Rappaport -- CEO, Quan Media Group – Quan

• Victoria Mottesheard -- Vice President, New York Eastern Region Marketing - OUTFRONT

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