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TRA Inc., which provides the advertising industry's most comprehensive resource for media planning and ROI analytics for television advertising investments, is sharing daily stories detailing the impact of TV campaigns on actual consumer purchase behavior. The Company is currently releasing the "The Right Audience™" insights through its blog, DailyTRA, which offers a glimpse into how TRA's powerful MediaTRAnalytics® software and data can be used to reach the right audience to drive advertiser ROI while increasing revenues for television networks. – An obvious win-win for an industry seeking more accountability.

Each day, TRA will be publishing the "DailyTRA": an analysis showing the top 10 Broadcast or Cable program ratings from a particular week (sourced from the Nielsen ratings published in the New York Times every Monday) and the complementary TRA Category Purchaser index that can be used to find "The Right Audience™" in the context of that Nielsen rating for that program. Readers can receive updates through Twitter, LinkedIn, a weekly Email, RSS feeds, and

Background on DailyTRA – It's not just about ratings to find "The Right Audience™"

Advertisers have been using ratings and standard age/sex demographics in the buying and selling of commercial television inventory for 50 years. We expect that it will continue to do so well into the future. The problem, however, is that using ratings and standard age/sex demographics is a proxy for the consumer behavior the buyers and sellers are most interest in, namely, purchase behavior. The Nielsen rating is based upon a nominal sample of roughly 20,000 homes for which daily demographic viewing data are generated. Not all Rating points are created equally in driving consumer sales. The result is that dollars are wasted in the wrong programs and networks.

The TRA True Target Index™ metric cited in the DailyTRA measures the relative strength of homes that purchased a particular product (or brand) compared with all household viewing within TRA's sample (regardless of what they purchase). Using the DailyTRA, one can see the power of the True Target Index ™ at work. For instance, the highest rated program, according to Nielsen, might not offer the highest index for a particular class of purchasers the advertiser is trying to reach.

An opposite story may also be true – a lower rated program might actually be the highest rated for a particular class of purchasers.

TRA's robust, patented MediaTRAnalytics® software enables advertisers, agencies and media to measure the impact on sales of television advertising in order to optimize the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. By matching television program audiences with the products and brands these audiences actually buy, TRA is uniquely positioned to help improve advertising accountability and return on media investment.

To subscribe to the DailyTRA, please click on one of the following links; Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, RSS feeds, or visit and make your selection on the right hand side of the blog page.

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