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"Every time I look at our latest DRTV-based multichannel campaign, I think how easy it lookstoAcquirydo. Then I remember how many people contribute and the skills they bring to the table, for it's a lot more complex than it looks. That's the genesis for this eBook."Irv Brechner, EVP, Corporate Communications

The hard fact is that most infomercials fail. Various sources put the failure rate at 90% to 95%. And when you combine DRTV with online tactics, waters get muddied very quickly and determining how consumers are responding becomes a great challenge. Plus, silos within companies add to this murkiness and contribute to failure as critical intelligence is not shared.

But if you know what you're doing, and you have the people and technology to create a truly integrated and trackable DRTV/online customer acquisition program, the results can be off-the-charts.

In this eBook, we'll present nine critical competency areas that are required for a successful multichannel campaign that features DRTV, one or more online tactics, and integration with a clients' existing infrastructure and marketing objectives. "Behind The Scenes" is a series of interviews with the top people in our company who create the strategy and execute the plan.

One of the striking similarities among all the people I interviewed is that two words were present in every conversation: strategy and details. Whether it's shooting an infomercial, building a micro-site, designing a SEM campaign or developing a financial model, there are an incredible number of details that need to be taken into account, in an overall framework that needs to be well thought-out. Even though I've been in this business for a very long time, I was amazed at the level of detail that goes into all the moving parts…I'm sure you will be too!

Finally, it became very obvious that the more of these competencies that you have under one roof, the easier it is to coordinate between departments and colleagues. If you use 5 or more different companies, all of which need to work closely together, you increase the chances that some of the thousands of important details will fall through the cracks.

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Irv Brechner has written over 100 published direct marketing articles and 13 books on a variety of topics. He's been a pioneer in online customer acquisition since 1996 and offline for his 35-year career. He has developed's "Customer Acquisition Intel Center" ( ) he evangelizes best-of-breed tactics to help companies acquire customers in the digital age. He can be reached at: .

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