Introduction from the “What Is Your DRTV State of Mind?” eBook - Part I

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When it comes to Direct Response TV (DRTV), companies are at various stages and have challenges within their organizations. To bring some clarity as to whether or not DRTV is right for your company, over the next seven columns we’ll provide typical “DRTV states of mind” and relevant information for each. They are:

Irv Brechner“We’re at the early stage of exploring whether or not DRTV is right for our company and products.”

Learn how to evaluate your products or services for their potential viability using short-form or long-form DRTV.

“I think we should use DRTV, but others in my company don’t believe in it.”

Learn what you can do to present DRTV as a superior way to generate DTC sales and drive retail/dealer as well.

“We’re about to enter RFP mode and interview agencies.”

Learn what the six most important factors are in choosing an agency, and review the 25 questions you need to ask any potential vendor.

“We use DRTV, but our results are marginal and we just can’t seem to figure out what’s going on.”

Learn the common reasons why DRTV programs don’t work, and how to determine why your campaign isn’t hitting home runs, and what to do about it.

“Last time we used DRTV it failed miserably. We’ll never use it again.”

Learn why that may be a major mistake. Chances are very high that miserable results can be identified, corrected and the program turned around.

“DRTV is just for $19.95 kitchen gadgets. Right?”

Learn why this is farthest from the truth. Review the myriad ways DRTV can be used other than slicers and dicers.

“Our brand people would never allow us to use DRTV.”

Learn how to deal with this, and why branding and DRTV campaigns can co-exist and reinforce each other.

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