IRTS Fellow to Fellow: Finding Your Groove in a New Space

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Starting a new position often comes with a mixture of emotions. Whether it takes place on-site or remotely, external factors can also play a part in those feelings.

With the highs of meeting new people and experiencing new things wearing off, it dawned on me that I was entering a transitional period. What I do here at MediaVillage, the impression I leave on others, and the connections I make will influence my future. Naturally, I began to feel overwhelmed. Will I be able to effectively take advantage of the opportunity given to me?

As I made the commute from my bedroom to the living room, the first-day jitters that come with any new experience did not find me. My office consisted of a silver laptop center stage with a planner, a journal, pens and markers in supporting roles. Two meetings were scheduled to inform me of my duties and provide me with resources to know more about the company. The first meeting was a standard introduction. I along with three others will be working together to provide feedback on what we think works and what can be done differently. I am also tasked with event planning and writing about my experiences.

After the initial meetings, I was left with a "what now" feeling and the first week went in slow motion. I was being eased into the day-to-day work, but it leaves a lot of free time. Because of this, I spend each day becoming familiar with the company products, scheduling meetings and brainstorming ideas for my columns and AdvancingDiversity Week (coming in October).

In this stage, I found it beneficial to establish a routine. Even if there isn't meeting scheduled, I'm at my desk by 9 a.m. I begin my day by navigating through MediaVillage to spark ideas. If something catches my eye, I do a deep dive and jot down ideas as they pop into my head. I then transition to writing my column. With music in my ear, I start my creative process. Around noon, my stomach signals lunchtime and I happily oblige before settling back into my work zone. Meetings arise here and there but it has not been an overwhelming amount.

By week two I was finding my groove. I have recurring meetings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Each day I write my column little by little and am constantly looking for current ideas about celebrating diversity in media. I help where I am needed and focus on my other tasks when I am not. My first two weeks have taught me to enjoy the downtime before the chaos, be present and be teachable. Although there is not a lot to do right now there is still a lot to learn.

As you start your internship wherever it may be, spend time getting to know the company and the people inside. In some cases, the intern must create their role. Offer your skills that you do well and learn the things that you can do to help take the load off someone else. This is how you find your groove and make an impression.

Do not wait to be given work. Find it.

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