IRTS Fellow to Fellow: Hard Work Does Pay Off -- Christy Dambleu

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When I knew I wanted to pursue a career in media, I didn’t know where to start since I don’t come from a background of people who've had careers in the media industry. But I didn’t want that to stop me from pursuing my interest.

I was introduced to the IRTS program by a former fellow who spoke so highly of their experience and recommended that I should apply to the summer fellowship. I was anxious at the thought of not getting in so that led me to second guess myself when it came to applying. My younger self would’ve let that fear stop me, but I knew getting into the media industry was something I wanted and if this program could do that for me then I would gladly take the chance.

Fear, for many people, has hindered us from reaching our full potential. I’ve learned that if I desire to be in the space that I want and live the life I want to live, I can’t let fear overpower me. I’m glad I didn’t let fear stop me because I would’ve missed out on this amazing opportunity.

I never thought I would be able to be in the same room with top media industry leaders until I was further in my career. IRTS was able to make it possible for me as a college student. I’ve had the chance to speak to Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents of top media companies, and people who are doing jaw dropping work in their fields, so I couldn’t be more thankful for IRTS.

I’ve had the chance to set up informationals and connect with people I never thought would be accessible to me. I’ve been able to get out of my self and take in this exciting opportunity.

Something that surprised me was the community and family environment IRTS has. When I started my internship at NBCUniversal, I truly saw just how IRTS was a community. An analyst on my team was an IRTS Summer Fellow in 2011. When she saw that I was a 2022 Summer Fellow, she reached out and has been helping me grasp my role as an intern. It’s great to be a part of an organization where people truly want to see you win.

On one of my informationals, I was intrigued with the work she was doing at Giant Spoon. At the end of our informational, she connected me with a Senior Strategist on her team which led me to have another amazing informational where I learned more about the agency side of the business. I learned the role strategy plays in pitching a new or returning show and what goes on behind the scenes when I see how a show is marketed to me. Something I always enjoy learning about is what goes on behind the scenes because I can have a different perspective when I’m watching a show or seeing an ad.

Speaking of that, it is one of the many reasons why I’ve enjoyed my role at NBCUniversal. I’m an intern for the Ad Sales department on the Paid Social and Partnerships team. It’s so exciting being able to have a hand on different projects and seeing the results of the work that was put in. From getting target audiences and pulling reports, I’m glad I can be a helping hand. I can say that now when I scroll on social media, I see ads in a different light since I’m more conscious of the team that’s behind them and the work they did to get them on my feed. I’ve also enjoyed getting to experience the culture of the company and how everyone is willing to set time to meet with me.

This summer so far, I’ve learned that if I truly want something I have to put my nerves aside and be strong-willed to accomplish my goals. Also, I remember during the fall semester when I was uncertain of how my summer would be because I knew I wanted an internship but I never knew what to expect. I remember going through the grueling process of receiving rejections, applying then being ghosted … but then getting that one "yes" that changes everything. This summer has gone beyond my expectations and I’m thankful for this experience.

Christy Dambleu is a summer intern on NBCUniversal Ad Sales' Social and Partnerships team.

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