IRTS Fellow to Fellow: The Start of Something New -- Mia Ransom Yance

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By the time this article is published, our fellowship will be officially “over.” However, this “over” is not actually an ending. It is the beginning of our careers and explorations in learning more about ourselves. 

I started this journey doing my own research to find a program that satisfied my eagerness to learn more about the media industry. I really wanted to be exposed to more information on entertainment, marketing and social media, as I am a huge pop culture fan and a big social media user.

After scrolling through a bunch of YouTube vlogs on how to land internships in the entertainment industry and reading up on potential opportunities, I finally found the IRTS. I knew this was a program destined for me. I attended the workshop and was genuinely awestruck to hear from people who had similar interests and goals. Hearing professionals and students speak about their experiences and aspirations was beyond inspiring and truly resonated with me. So, I applied for the fellowship.

I have shared stories, experiences and conversations with so many unique and diverse people. From all these interactions, I want to reiterate some quotes I have heard through our meetings and words that I keep with me every day.

We are deserving! We put in the work to get to where we are today. We are meant to enjoy ourselves and we should always remember that we are amazing at what we do, both professionally and personally.

Step out of your comfort zone. I have met with so many people this summer. I have reached out to directors, spoken to so many bright leaders, and gotten a real sense of taking risks and breaking into our dream industries. We have all made the effort to expand ourselves in knowledge and connection, and for that I am so proud of each one of us.

Keep an open mind. Do not close yourself off to an opportunity because it is not the one you imagined. You may just find a new passion or interest.

I am beyond grateful to Joyce and Lauren for believing in me and welcoming me into the IRTS fellowship. Above all, I am excited to grow and continue connecting with my IRTS family. I am excited for all that is to come.

Mia Ransom Yance is an Ad Sales intern at UPtv.

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