It’s Time to Rekindle Personal Connections. Here are Two Great Places to Do it.

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When was the last time a great idea of yours really caught fire and generated a tangible result – higher revenue, cost reductions, greater efficiency, more satisfied staff?

My guess is that it didn’t take place in a vacuum. The idea may have come to you in a moment of solitude, but I can almost guarantee it didn’t gain any momentum until you shared it with someone.

MFM’s two major in-person meetings – the CFO Summit and the Annual Conference – are built for those knowledge-sharing moments. They are the places where great ideas are floated, discussed and improved. They are places where notions and concepts are nurtured so they can be brought back, planted and ready to flourish.

Some of those ideas are seemingly small – tweaks to routine procedures, for instance. Others may be more significant, such as applying emerging technologies in innovative ways. And others may be groundbreaking and can transform into partnerships, mergers – or entirely new ventures.

But none of them happen without face-to-face contact. Sure, Zoom and Teams have made it easier for a remote and diverse workforce to connect. And they’ve no doubt made a significant portion of business travel unnecessary or obsolete.

But it is relationships – conversations over coffee or a cocktail, discussions in a quiet hallway between formal presentations – that fuel innovation. And both the Summit and the Annual Conference are designed to create environments that foster these connections.

The Summit is an intimate, invitation-only event for CFOs and C-Suite executives. The 2024 Summit is scheduled for March 18-20 at the Orlando Hilton. We’re expecting a total audience of around 60 senior financial executives, speakers and representatives from MFM Corporate Partners to attend. There are six featured presentations on topics from AI to HR to politics and policy, plus a two-hour, two-part “members only” discussion on the challenges and opportunities each of us faces. It’s a knowledge-sharing, problem-solving petri dish.

The Annual Conference is the largest gathering of media and entertainment industry financial professionals in the country. Nearly 500 individuals will convene in Jacksonville, Florida, from May 19-22 to hear keynote addresses from nationally known speakers, participate in 24+ breakout sessions on just about every aspect of the industry, immerse themselves in 10 roundtable discussions with their peers and enjoy social events that foster connections that change lives and companies.

Haven’t signed up for either of these yet? It’s not too late. You can find information on both events – as well as the dozens of other MFM membership benefits available to you – on the MFM website. Got a question about anything related to MFM? I’d love to hear from you. Email me at Because I highly value connecting, too.

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