Jack Myers Company Analysis: LinkMe Mobile – Visual, Voice and Audio Recognition for Instant Content and Advertising Interactivity

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Privately financed early-stage mobile technology company LinkMe Mobile (formerly SnapNow U.S.), has the potential to revolutionize mobile search through patented visual, voice and audio search technologies. LinkMe Mobile is redefining how brands and advertisers connect with consumers. Now in the process of raising institutional B-round financing, LinkMe Mobile was founded by engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in 2001. The company holds five patents with 27 additional patents pending globally. With its patents and sister brands in the UK, Japan and China, LinkMe Mobile is the only multi-national company to combine visual, voice, and audio recognition technology to create instant mobile interactivity for marketers, media companies and consumers. With the current number of global mobile phone users at over 4 billion and growing, mobile marketing is quickly becoming an effective and proven means for consumer engagement.

LinkMe Mobile's parent company Evryx Technologies' offices are in southern California, with offices in Tokyo, London, and Guangzhou, and a sales office in New York. LinkMe Mobile's patented mobile search technologies transform the ordinary mobile phone into a Discovery Device™. All smart phone users are able to download the LinkMe application and others can activate LinkMe opportunities using MMS/email messaging. The base level of technology needed is a camera on a phone and a mobile data plan.

Through media convergence, the LinkMe process enables consumers to activate a mobile communication by:

· simply snapping and sending a photo of any appropriate image (out-of-home, print, TV, online video, website or video game);

· searching by voice for additional related content and information;

· linking to incentives and promotions via sound activation -- radio commercials or other audio transmissions.

LinkMe Mobile enables marketers and media companies to instantly create mobile interactivity from otherwise passive traditional media. engaging consumers at the key touch points of sight and sound, and enabling brand and product conversations synchronously with traditional programming, editorial and advertising exposure. LinkMe Mobile's technology instantly turns print and video images into hyperlinks, encouraging consumers to interact with brands, advertisements, or products in new and quantifiable ways. Consumers can also link to or call up additional related content by doing a voice search and/or sending an audio capture that triggers a tailored response. The LinkMe technology takes consumers directly to a mobile store, to a brand site, or anywhere else on the mobile web that has been linked with a particular campaign or content.

Coty Prestige

In promoting their Harajuku Lovers Collection of fragrances, Coty Prestige sought to connect with target consumers through an innovative mobile marketing campaign. Coty reviewed several mobile technologies before partnering with LinkMe Mobile. With a campaign target of 10,000 mobile responses, Coty placed a call-to-action on their print ads in Cosmopolitan, Allure, Glamour, and People. Just two months into the six-month campaign, all expectations had been exceeded, with well over 40,000 people snapping on the ads and receiving in return a Gwen Stefani ring tone, a free sample of perfume, or free mobile wallpaper. Ultimately more than 100,000 "snaps" had been generated.

Woman's Day

With their November 2008 issue, Woman's Daycreated what one analyst called "the Mona Lisa of snap publications." Consumer response was impressive, with more than 158,000 impressions generated. Eleven advertisers participated and 11 editorial features were link-enabled, providing readers with numerous ways to use the LinkMe technology and receive enhanced value from the magazine. Within the first quarter of 2009, the initiative tally had already generated more than 250,000 mobile impressions derived solely from mobile "snaps" of magazine pages. The potential continues to grow with back-to-back campaigns slated for the spring and fall.

Since 2005, LinkMe Mobile (formerly SnapNow U.S.) has tested its patented mobile visual search technology in the most advanced mobile market in the world, Japan. In addition to its other patents, LinkMe Mobile parent Evryx own US Patent #7,016,532, which covers the entire mobile visual search process.

LinkMe Mobile has partnered with MeMeMe, the leader in voice recognition accuracy, enabling consumers to connect with brands, advertisers, and retailers via voice search. MeMeMe owns US Patent #6,785,647, which covers the voice recognition process that delivers 98%+ accuracy. MeMeMe licenses Microsoft's speech recognition engine, implemented on a robust, fast, scalable, fault-tolerant cloud-computing platform. MeMeMe extends the platform with their technology to enable any mobile application and any user to plug in and instantly experience the best available voice interface.

Through audio recognition, radio commercials, songs, and other audio content become alternative connection points for reaching and interacting with consumers via their mobile phones.

Mobile Marketing Opportunities

LinkMe Mobile provides turn-key, end-to-end marketing solutions that are tailored to each client's specific requirements. Following are the main features of LinkMe Mobile's mobile search technology and services.

  • Turn-Key, End-to-End Mobile Marketing Solution
  • Consumer Participation is 100% Opt-In
  • Works With Existing Marketing Collateral (no costly equipment, no special bar codes required)
  • Real-Time, Personalized, Interactive Communications (influencing brand awareness, conversion, loyalty, and ROI)
  • Easy to Create, Implement, and Deploy Mobile Marketing Campaigns
  • Actionable Metrics (including GPS Location, Time, Cell Phone Type, and DMA)

In working with brands, agencies, content owners, publishers, retailers, and carriers to create new connection opportunities with consumers, LinkMe Mobile leverages the power of media convergence to design compelling mobile marketing campaigns.

With LinkMe technology, brands and advertisers can create innovative campaigns, on-going brand conversations (not just impressions), as well as alter their messaging in response to LinkMe Mobile's data collection and metrics.

For an introduction to LinkMe Mobile executives, contact Jack Myers atjm@jackmyers.comor by phone at 646-352-2636.

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