Jack Myers Video Report: Advertisers Rate 80 Online Sales Organizations: Quality & Customer Service


New details from the 2011 Myers Survey of Advertising Executives.

Google is the highest rated among 25 leading online sales organizations for “Quality of Sales Organization and Customer Support” according to a new study of advertising executives, with newcomers Vevo and Undertone giving the massive Google organization a run for the title of Best Customer Service. Several relative newcomers and only a few legacy media organizations are among the top performers in the study. Among the 30 Legacy Media Organizations included in the report, Nickelodeon Online Sales was the top rated again this year. View this week’s Jack Myers Video Media Business Report for more details and insights. Full detailed reports and methodology are shared with all corporate subscribers to Jack Myers Media Business Report. Organization Quality and Customer Service is one of five performance categories evaluated for 80 online sales organizations. Next week’s report focuses on sales organizations’ Personal Contact & Relationships with advertising executives.

Subscribers can access the report at www.jackmyers.com. I share exclusive insights from the report in this week’s Video Media Business Report, available below and through Reuters Insider iPad app, which is available at no cost to all Media Business Report subscribers.

Video provided by Reuters Insider (http://insider.thomsonreuters.com)

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