Jack Myers Video Report: Social TV Summit Recap

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The 2011 Social TV Summit held last week in Los Angeles represented a coming out party for a Social TV business that I project will generate $8 to $12 billion in revenues by 2020. The Internet Generation is defined by their focus on socialization across all aspects of their lives, and this social influence is an unstoppable force that will impact all media, especially television. This week’s subscriber-only Jack Myers Media Business Report shares a detailed perspective and extensive video clips of the sold-out event. Watch my overview below. 

Subscribers can access the report at www.jackmyers.com. I share exclusive insights from the report in this week’s Video Media Business Report, available belowand through Reuters Insider iPad app, which is available at no cost to all Media Business Report subscribers.


Video provided by Reuters Insider (http://insider.thomsonreuters.com)

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