Jack Myers Video Report: The Internet Goes to College

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Seventeen years ago, in 1993, the first Internet browser was released, named Mosaic. Also in 1993, the generation was born that will be going to college this September and who are already having an influential impact on all aspects of society, culture and economics. This is a radically different generation than the one that went off to college in 1993, and compared to those who sit in the executive suites of most companies, today’s new college students have little in common. As The Internet Goes to College, its role and purpose as a socializing force is apparent. The thousands of companies funded to capitalize on the technological wizardry of the Internet will be valued in the future based on the contributions they are able to make toward the goals of greater social order, and no longer, as they have been, on their contributions simply to change. View Jack Myers’ commentary on The Internet Goes to Collegehere and on Reuters Insider iPad app (available free to Jack Myers subscribers). Subscribers can read Jack’s full commentary exclusively at JackMyers.com.

Video provided by Reuters Insider (http://insider.thomsonreuters.com)

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