Kylie Jenner Launches Largest Ever Programmatic Billboard Ad Campaign

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Kylie Jenner has already shown the world what true success looks like: Youngest self-made billionaire. Repeat placement on Time, Inc.’s most influential people in the world. Over 135 million social media followers.  A product empire that is expanding at an unstoppable pace.  She is the living, breathing definition of prolific.

On Wednesday May 22, Kylie did something that no other brand has done before.  On the morning of the launch of her new skincare line, Kylie Skin, using the Adomni OOH buying platform, she harnessed the power of digital billboards and in-mall video screens to extend her branding and communications to the real world -- at a concurrent scale that is unprecedented on digital billboards.

Kylie did so by targeting 1,100-plus cities; over 4,000 roadside digital billboards; Times Square and Las Vegas Boulevard spectaculars (pictured below and at top, respectively), and more than 1,500 video screens in hundreds of malls.  (See map at bottom for all locations.)

All showed the same thing at the same time: her angelic appearance; the new brand name, Kylie Skin; and the destination to instantly buy her products --  She had multiple pieces of creative artwork that were swapped in real time on all of the screens as the day progressed.  Same image, different messaging.  Just like she does on social media.

You have to wonder.  Why would she do this?  She knew she would have great success without the billboards and in-mall screens (pictured below).  You have to think that she expected to sell out of her products.  But she launched the DOOH ad campaign anyway.

Why would she take any of her attention from the little-screen audience (Instagram) and blanket the country on 48-foot-wide, out-of-home and 65-inch video screens? 

Because she could. 

A new dawn is upon us in the world of advertising.  The physical world is being re-imagined as the largest canvas to connect advertisers with consumers, influencers with followers and small businesses with local clients. 

With programmatic technology and easy-to-use buying platforms, such as, out-of-home advertising is now as addressable and scalable as the large digital online mediums.  The largest cohort in the U.S. -- the Kylie Jenner generation, Millennials -- is just beginning to discover the power of OOH. 

Rather than being sold OOH ads, they can now buy ads.  Rather than planning far in advance, they act in the 11th hour.  Rather than following a multistep planning and logistics process, the next gen of out-of-home buyers will go online when they want, find what they want, put in their credit card and buy ads. 

Whether it’s the local pizza shop wanting to sell more pies or mega brands and influencers seeking to cut through the digital noise, the newfound ability that programmatic brings to build and launch OOH ad campaigns in minutes is nothing short of game-changing.

Last week’s Kylie Skin campaign was a watershed moment for out-of-home advertising for Adomni, Broadsign, Lamar Advertising Company, Clear Channel Outdoor, Lightbox OOH Video Network, Superior Digital Billboards, Premier Outdoor Media, Bulletin Displays and the many other independent media owners whose screens were reached in the largest programmatic billboard campaign to date.


Collectively, we demonstrated that:

  1. We could bridge the worlds of social media and OOH.
  2. Kylie Jenner understands the value of OOH and, chances are, many others (who aren’t buying OOH) soon will, too.
  3. Last-minute OOH campaigns are doable with programmatic buying platforms.
  4. Programmatic buying is available at scale.

It has never been a more exciting time to be part of the out-of-home industry.  Together, we are paving the way for the next generation of OOH.

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