Launch of Search Disrupts B2B Marketing for Media, Advertising & Entertainment Industry

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New industry-specific search engine addresses media industry failure to invest in B2B stakeholder education and diversity

After two years of development and pilot testing, MyersBizNet has launched, a media and advertising industry-specific search engine organized to support and advance B2B marketers, educators, diversity professionals and job seekers. The vertical search engine is integrated with MyersBizNet's industry-leading education, research and workforce development resources MediaVillage, and The Myers Report.

MeetingPrep vertical industry search is the vision of media ecologist Jack Myers, founder of MyersBizNet and a well-known marketing and media industry leader who has been at the forefront of industry innovation for more than four decades.

Myers describes as "the traffic driver to more than 15,000 original and exclusive multi-modal educational reports, articles, studies, white papers and profiles aggregated and curated at MediaVillage in collaboration with hundreds of leading media companies, agencies, non-profit organizations, trade associations and subject matter experts."

The media industry's need for evolved from The Myers Report research conducted among leading brand marketers, universities, and D-E-I leaders. "We have an epidemic of commoditized information that has become a form of garbage, barely useful for preparing for the most basic meeting or for achieving even the most fundamental task," Myers commented.

Myers acknowledges the challenge of launching and growing a vertical industry-focused search engine but believes the distinct user advantages of MeetingPrep to multiple stakeholders can quickly scale. "Through our research," commented Myers, "we learned that traditional B2B messaging from media companies is ignored, search and LinkedIn Learning is ineffective, and easily accessible knowledge for self-education is unavailable. MediaVillage and, in tandem, make access to on-demand knowledge accessible, quick, and manageable." will be promoted through a major out-of-home and digital ad campaign targeting brand marketers, agencies and students at Historic Black Colleges and Universities. "The industry's failure to build, retain and develop a diverse workforce can no longer stand," Myers emphasized. In 2011, MyersBizNet launched, the first of several initiatives that have been combined under and lead the industry's collective focus on advancing diversity from advocacy to activism.

MyersBizNet has a 35-year history as a trusted and respected researcher, analyst, advisor, predictor of trends and activist for diversity, equity, and inclusion. MediaVillage serves and supports the full media, marketing, advertising, and entertainment ecosystem in an open and unbiased environment, unique in an industry with more than 100 sector-specific trade associations and thousands of competitors and "frenemies."

"Since founding MediaVillage in 1984, we've led the industry in building tools for growth that deliver an essential turn-key tool kit to our member organizations," said Myers. "When optimized, our tools are proven to increase market share and industry growth by focusing on stakeholder education and workforce development. Our 2021 focus is on consolidating our leadership in the media and advertising community and modernizing media industry talent and stakeholder education."

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About MediaVillage:
MediaVillage is the media and advertising community's B2B Knowledge Center of Excellence. Its mission is to advance media industry growth through investments in diversity and education. Through our collective impact approach, we implement effective and cost efficient B2B growth solutions. More than 150 companies, organizations and industry leaders are members of the MediaVillage Knowledge Exchange, a B2B Solutions Marketplace and Center of Excellence for Advancing Marketing Solutions, Diversity and Education. Follow @mediavillagecom.

About Jack Myers:
For more than 40 years, MediaVillage founder Jack Myers has been singularly dedicated to identifying, developing, and introducing solutions to the challenges confronting media and advertising companies. As the world's leading media ecologist, he's a noted expert on generational and gender shifts, the impact of technological advances on business economics, and the dynamics of business growth and decline. Jack is recognized for his leadership as an outspoken activist for advancing online education and investments in a diverse workforce. In 1996, he was invited by President and Mrs. Clinton to lead a contingent of marketers to the White House Summit on Educational TV. His background includes executive roles at CBS Television, ABC Radio, Metromedia Outdoor, Television Production Partners, CableOne, and UTV Cable Network. Follow @jackmyersbiz.

MediaVillage founder Jack Myers launched to advance diversity from advocacy to activism in media, marketing, and advertising. For more than a decade, the industry leader has focused on guiding its members to achieve important goals for diverse talent acquisition and retention, while also demonstrating that diversity, equity, and inclusion are positive forces for business growth. Programs and initiatives include the annual Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors launched in 2017; 1st Five, begun in 2014 to focus on helping young people navigate the first years of their careers;, a dual mentoring program started in 2011; The Age of Aging, featuring expert insights on targeting an under-leveraged audience; and Future of Men, advancing positive gender relationships and tools for fathering. For "The Case for Education & Diversity as Tools for Business Growth in Marketing & Media," download the White Paper here. For more information visit and follow @AdvDiversity, @WomenAdvancing, @hookedupgen, @futureofmen.

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