Launching the #Ask-GenZ Video Interview Series

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Born into the digital and mobile age, Generation Z represents not only Internet natives, they are diverse, entrepreneurial and important consumers to whom every brand wants to market. In relaunching our #Ask-GenZ interview series, Amanda "Alex" Keaton provides insights from the talent and leadership surrounding Generation Z and those who want to advertise to them.

Just like GenZ, millennials have similar viewpoints on many prominent issues today such as climate change, government, social injustice, and more. In our pilot episode, millennial Kirsty Moir shares her role and responsibilities as the member success manager of MediaVillage.

She shares her story working in the media and advertising industry, how her experience broadened her network connections, opened up more opportunities, and supported her professional development. "I started watching Mad Men when it first came out. Peggy Olson started her career as a secretary in a NYC ad agency, became a copywriter, then made her way up to agency partner in a very male-dominated industry at the time. Seeing the creativity that brands used in ads to connect to their audience throughout the show is what persuaded me to pursue my career in media and advertising."

Throughout this series, we'll hear viewpoints from this generation on topics such as working in entry-level positions, social media, diversity and inclusion, the support they need from the industry, and more! GenZ is demanding the changes many have been advocating for years. Hear more on what they had to say to executives, from our Advancing Diversity Career MeetUp, held at CES 2020.

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