LEAP Ramps Up to Enable Instant Buys via LiveRamp

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In a move designed to make advertisers and brands more enthusiastic about audience buying, LEAP Media Investments has created a partnership with people-based audience clearing house LiveRamp.  LEAP's patented process helps marketers identify and activate audiences who are deeply and emotionally connected with specific brands. The partnership, which includes LiveRamp modeling and scaling partner Tru-Signal, means marketers can easily and quickly buy and reach audiences at scale who are hyper-engaged with a brand.

"Now marketers and agencies just have to go to one platform to find and select audiences made up of their most engaged and emotionally attached consumers from over 100 different platforms -- digital online to social to TV," explained LEAP Founder and CEO Gary Reisman.  "This is no small feat!"

He shared more with me in a recent conversation.

Charlene Weisler:  Why is the addition of LEAP so important to marketers and advertisers?

Gary Reisman:  LiveRamp is a platform that provides easy onboarding and distribution of audiences for a variety of companies in the market.  It's essentially a clearing house for audiences.  Companies provide their audiences to LiveRamp which then provides the technological platform to transfer those audiences to many distribution partners which marketers and/or agencies can use to target those audiences.  The addition of LEAP makes our audiences easily available on any of these platforms in real-time.

Weisler:  How does it work?

Reisman:  First we measure consumers' emotional attachment for 400 brands.  We've identified the most enthusiastic fans through what we call "potential conquests" to the less loyal "expansions."  In our partnership, we delivered our two most desirable seed audiences to LiveRamp which then worked with its partner Tru-Signal to model and scale.  The result was that Tru-Signal developed a customized, high-fidelity scaling of each "enthusiasts" and "conquests" audience -- both very large groups that consist of between 6 million to 20-plus million targetable impressions depending on the brand and audience ("enthusiasts" vs. "conquests").

LiveRamp then integrated these scaled audiences in their buying platform.  Marketers and agencies can now tap into the platform through a website, look for our audiences and, with a quick click, send them to their preferred distribution partner (DMP/DSP, etc.).  So let's say GroupM has an upcoming campaign for Jaguar and wants to target Jaguar LEAP "enthusiasts" audiences: They can get the scaled audiences immediately and transfer that audience to their trading desk to use in their media purchasing decisions.  LiveRamp's distribution platform connects to rich media supply partners where the marketer can target the LEAP Jaguar "enthusiasts" within that supply with their advertising.

Weisler:  So, the LiveRamp platform adds faster, easier access to LEAP audiences?

Reisman:  Yes, exactly.  Basically, through the click of a mouse.  Want to target Pepsi "enthusiasts" on AOL?  Go for it!  Want to target those audiences on Adobe, The Trade Desk, Videology, etc.?  Now it's much easier to do -- like buying media.  Any publisher or ad tech platform that wants to sell LEAP audiences on their platform can easily download our audiences into their platform.  Think of these distributor platforms in the same way that a cable network would use the cable operators to distribute their networks.  LEAP's audiences can now be widely and easily distributed and used for targeting.  Our highly emotionally attached audiences are available for over 400 brands across 25 categories, including Auto, Tech, Telecom, Gaming, Travel, QSR, Casual Dining, Beverages, Snacks, Banking, Finance, Credit Cards, Retail, Home Improvement, Cosmetics and OTC Healthcare.

I believe success comes to those who understand just who their most engaged, emotionally connected audiences are.  Think of it … how do you really evaluate media before you buy it?  You want to buy media that you believe contains more people more likely to engage with and act on your ad messaging.  LEAP audiences provide a direct line to serve ads directly to the highest potential consumers.  The LiveRamp partnership adds the ability to target those prospects across any platform.  This is why we're so excited: Together we're really helping marketers and advertisers better align their strategic planning efforts in their DMPs and better identify and buy their most enthusiastic consumers at scale.

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