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Budweiser's Simple Facebook Cover Photo Contest Draws Buzz

Adweek 7.9.2013

Budweiser recently ran a contest that encouraged consumers to submit Instagram snapshots that could become the brand's cover photo on Facebook. On Tuesday, the beverages brand shared engagement stats with Adweek from an effort that largely entailed a pair of Facebook/Twitter messages with no paid push.

Little Caesars Pulls Off the Most Explosive Twitter Stunt in World History

Adweek 7.8.2013

Barton F. Graf 9000 just sent around this amusing case study outlining its social-media activity for Little Caesars during the week of July 4. Without giving too much away, let's just say the Twitter and Facebook campaign did very well—or, as the agency says in the email, achieved "astounding, almost Oreo-esque results."

A Contest From Target With a High-Tech Twist

New York Times 7.9.2013

Typically, a contest sponsored by a retailer involves asking consumers to count the number of gumballs in a jumbo glass jar, challenging them to name a new product or inviting them to fill shopping carts with merchandise as they race up and down store aisles. Now a giant retailer has joined with a magazine's blog to co-sponsor a contest with a high-technology twist.

YouTube Network Fullscreen Links 'Stars' With Brands

Ad Age 7.9.2013

Brands have long turned to so-called YouTube stars to make videos that resonate with their devoted audiences. Now YouTube network Fullscreen looks to facilitate that matchmaking with a new service that pairs its 15,000-plus creators with any brand paying to use its tools and could step on agencies' toes.

Purina's Beneful Goes for Maximum Viral Appeal With Dog-Operated Rube Goldberg Device

Adweek 7.8.2013

Deep Focus's "Dog Goldberg Machine" commercial for Purina's Beneful dog-food brand is doggone adorable- the way those mutts manipulate toys, food tins and tennis balls to operate a Rube Goldberg device that ultimately spells out the tagline, "Play. It's good for you," in dominoes.

A Wienermobile Road Rally, Mapped Out by Fans on Social Media

New York Times 7.7.2013

A SUMMER promotional mainstay, the mobile marketing tour of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles, is being rebooted as a cross-country road rally in a change that is emblematic of how Madison Avenue is remaking event marketing under the influence of social media.

Virgin Atlantic Turns NYC Park Bench Into the Lap of Luxury

Adweek 7.3.2013

Young & Rubicam placed an "Upper Class Bench" on Broadway and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, in the pedestrian park near the Flatiron Building, as the centerpiece of its experiential campaign designed to show people what it's like to fly Virgin Atlantic.

LinkedIn Ramps Up Content In Pursuit of Ad Dollars

Ad Age 7.2.2013

LinkedIn is in the midst of a transformation from a place to deposit resumes into a media property chock-full of inspiration and advice from tycoons like Richard Branson and Bill Gates. But have marketers taken notice?

AOL's Patch Creates Fictional Publication for Disney Movie Planes

Adweek 7.2.2013

AOL's hyperlocal news publisher Patch has taken native advertising to new heights by creating a branded site for the setting of Disney's new animated movie Planes.

Facebook Inspires More Consumer Spending Than Pinterest Or Twitter

Business Insider 7.3.2013

Facebook Inspires More Purchases Than Pinterest, Or Twitter.

Why the 'Newsroom' Tactic Can Be Hurtful to Brands

Adage 7.9.2013

When a brand swiftly publishes creative and tasteful content tied to the latest news headlines, it dramatically maximizes the impact and ultimately the success of that content. But that success can be fleeting and actually hurt you if you're not laser-focused on telling the bigger brand story.


New from the [L]earned Media Blog

Johnson & Johnson Uses Earned Media for Charity


The power of earned and social media is evident in brand campaigns all around us. However, seeing social and earned media being used to fuel an enormous charitable movement truly is inspiring. Johnson & Johnson has done just this with its partnership with (RED). (RED) is an organization that donates millions of dollars every year to AIDS research and helps AIDS victims as well.

Client Feedback Fuels New Poster Designs


For those of us who have worked in the advertising world, we all have most likely dealt with the pesky client who thinks that they know more about advertising than we do. This happened to Irish graphic designers, Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy, a few too many times.

Spotify Creates Earned Media Buzz on Coca-Cola Packaging


Spotify, a music streaming platform, has gotten some new and interesting earned media buzz in the UK. Spotify struck up a deal with Coca-Cola to include the Spotify website with a code on its packaging for the next 7 months in the UK. With this code, consumers can go to the Spotify website and listen to various popular songs.

Crowdsourcing: Could it Benefit Your Brand?


Crowdsourcing is a relatively new idea in the world of earned media and social media marketing. What crowdsourcing refers to is the idea that consumers make their own advertisements for a brand or product using social media, especially YouTube.

Advertising- An Art or a Science?


In the video below from AdForum, Matt Britton, Founder and CEO of MRY, answers some powerful questions about the future of advertising. Britton thinks the biggest challenge clients will face is that businesses are becoming more and more data-driven.

Why Content Marketing is so Crucial


Content marketing is one of the most important aspects in the new world of social media marketing according to a recent article by the Content Marketing Institute. Content marketing is the glue that holds earned media strategy together, without it it would be almost impossible for a company to reach customers socially.

Vines that Celebrate Branded Content and Earned Media


To commemorate Social Media Day on Sunday, a few special and talented Vine users put together videos that celebrated social media and branded content. Vine is an increasingly popular mobile app that lets you take 6.5 second videos in either stop motion, or regular video mode.

How Sony Uses Earned Media to Market PS4


Sony Computer Entertainment of America has a busy couple months ahead, in regards to marketing. It is launching a brand new PlayStation gaming console, PS4, while trying increase sales on PS3 and PS Vita. Sony is doing this while trying to combat against huge competitors like XBox 360 and Wii.

Who is the Real Winner When it Comes to Viral Videos?


An interesting article recently revealed that the ultimate winner behind a viral video is not the creator, but corporations who make lucrative profit off of it. "The technology may have changed, but the money still flows the same way: to creators of contracts not creators of content.," says Kevin Ashton, writer for Quartz.

Toyota's Viral Video is Creating Charitable Earned Media


Toyota is creating much earned media buzz with its latest charitable act to help victims of

Hurricane Sandy. Toyota, with the help of creative agency 360i, released a viral video that donates one meal every time the video is viewed.

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