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Brands Are Already Using Instagram Videos and Planning for More

Adweek 6.20.2013

Now that Facebook has officially trotted out a video feature for the increasingly popular Instagram—which was formerly limited to helping smartphone users act like stylistic photographers—social media creatives are licking their chops at the marketing possibilities.

Cannes Lions Jury President: Branded Content is Permeating Advertising

AdAge 16 6.18.2013

Scott Donaton, who was recently named global chief content officer at Interpublic Group of Cos. 'Universal McCann, is back on the branded content and entertainment jury at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, this year as president. He explained how the category, only in its second year, has evolved and what it means for the future of marketing.

Hyatt Hotels Combines Facebook With Snail Mail

Adweek 16 6.27.2013

Hyatt House is testing a Facebook-enhanced system called Postagram that prints postcards. Through Aug. 15, the hotelier is encouraging guests to personalize up to two complimentary postcards via a Facebook app that's available on Postagram and Hyatt House's pages on the social site.

Coca-Cola Is The Biggest Brand On Facebook By A Mile

Business Insider 16 6.20.2013

Facebook recently announced that it now has more than 1 million active advertisers on its social network. One way brands can reach out to people is through their brand pages. Just about every major company has a Facebook presence of some sort, but which one is the biggest?

MTV Uses Snapchat for Cheeky Promo

Mashable 16 6.25.2013

MTV UK is one of just a handful of marketers to employ Snapchat, the somewhat controversial yet wildly popular mobile app, for a promotion.

The channel is disseminating exclusive photos and videos from Geordie Shore, the British clone of Jersey Shore, to viewers' smartphones to promote its sixth season.

General Mills Ramps Up Social For 37 Brands

Adweek 16 6.26.2013

General Mills and Spredfast are announcing today that the consumer packaged goods giant has implemented the tech vendor's newly upgraded system to manage content publishing and consumer engagement across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.

The Power of the Hashtag: Creation and Adoption

Spiral 16 6.18.2013

Hashtags are all the rage. This year during the Super Bowl, one of the more amazing stats was that Twitter was being mentioned in 50% of the total Super Bowl ads, up 300% from 2012. Facebook, by comparison, saw a 50% drop in mentions in TV ads. The reason? Hashtags.

Twitter Is Experimenting With New Live Events Platform, "DVR Mode" For Using Twitter With TV & More

Tech Crunch 16 6.26.2013

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo today hinted at several upcoming features for the social media platform, including plans to address cyberbullying and better ways to filter the "signal from the noise" during live events, including something he referred to as a "DVR mode" for Twitter.

Netflix Launches "Max," A Goofy Virtual Assistant To Help With Recommendations, Available Now On PS3, iPad Next

Tech Crunch 16 6.28.2013

Netflix this morning announced its own take on virtual assistants like the iPhone's Siri, with the debut of "Max," an on-screen guide for the Netflix app on PlayStation 3 devices, which helps you find new movies or TV shows to watch. And yes, the guide does talk to you, but thankfully has yet to manifest itself in some more corporeal format, like Microsoft's "Bob."

'@SummerBreak' Web Series Fueled By Viewer Feedback

Mashable 6.28.2013

@SummerBreak, a daily web series that details the lives of high school seniors as they spend their final summer together before college, has so far amassed more than 115,000 Twitter followers and has bagged roughly 500,000 views on YouTube since its debut almost two weeks ago.

Twice As Many Top 100 Brands Use Instagram Video As Vine

Mashable 6.28.2013

Since Instagram introduced video a week ago, 14 of Interbrand's top 100 global brands have posted videos, according to data provided to Mashable by Simply Measured. By comparison, just seven of these top 100 brands posted videos on Vine this week.

To Drive More Clicks, Twitter Is Testing A Feature That Reveals Where Popular Tweets Have Appeared

Tech Crunch 7.1.2013

A little over a year ago, Twitter kicked off an initiative to experiment with different ways of making tweets more interactive — a strategy that has brought us Twitter cards with previews, and shortcodes for embedding tweets elsewhere. Today, one of the latest experiments is adding more data into the mix: a list of sites linking to where a tweet has been embedded.

How YouTube Plays Into Activision's Marketing

Adage 7.1.2013

Dance videos posted to YouTube may get a lot of attention on "The Today Show," but gaming videos -- such as trailers, in-game walkthroughs and parodies -- are attracting an increasing share of play on the site.

Toyota Video Has Created 892K Meals For Sandy Victims In the Last Week

Adweek 6.28.2013

Superstorm Sandy, the near-hurricane that battered the East Coast in late fall 2012, hasn't been on the front pages for months. Toyota gets credit for trying to fix that, as the auto giant is providing one meal to people still recovering from Sandy for every time someone views its "Meals Per Hour" YouTube video.

New from the [L]earned Media Blog

Google's 'Chrome For' Earned Media Campaign Topped Viral Video Chart


Google Chrome's newest earned media campaign, "Chrome For: …" has become an instant viral hit. The premise behind this video, along with the others, is to show how versatile Google Chrome is and that you can use it on your laptop, smartphone and tablet.

Jay Z and Samsung Create Earned Media Buzz


This partnership benefited both parties in relation to earned media and advertising. On Samsung's part, this deal was an effort to compete with Apple who will be launching Apple Radio, an online radio service for anyone who has Apple products. Jay-Z gets mass advertising and a cool $5 million before the album is even released.

Original Branded Content is Key to Success


According to Fuel Lines, 73% of companies use branded original content they created. This means that branded content is one of the most crucial aspects to using social media for new businesses.

Content to Commerce Webinar June 11, 2013


Last Tuesday, all of us at [L]earned Media participated in an interesting and relevant webinar called "Content to Commerce: Engaging Consumers Across Paid, Owned and Earned Channels!" The webinar was hosted by Mass Relevance, and was led by Avi Savar.

Dove's Earned Media Power


Dove's latest campaign "Real Beauty Sketches" proves the importance of the integration of earned media within marketing campaigns. These videos became an instant viral hit and are to date one of the most shared videos on the internet. These ads had no paid media whatsoever only earned and owned media which is what makes them so unique, as well.

Digitas and Outrigger Media Bring a New Earned Media Tool to the Table


Publicis Groupe's Digitas and startup Outrigger Media recently announced that they created a tool for brands to find emerging YouTube stars to market their products. Brands have been using high profile YouTube stars to promote products for a while, but now they can find up and coming YouTube stars as well.

The Merging of Content and Commerce


It's not news that content-based marketing fosters successful campaigns. However, the ways that marketers are executing content is new with the evolution of online shopping and earned media. E-commerce is now one of the most important components to retailers and their companies.

Vooza: The True Meaning of Native Advertising


The Vooza website, at first glance, looks like a real start-up company. However, after further inspection, you see that it actually spoofs on start-ups, making fun of their intense nature through a hilarious video series. Don't get us wrong- Vooza is an actual company.

The Dangers of Instagram


The old phrase "looking through rose colored glasses" has now become "looking through X-Pro filters." The reason for this? A social media platform phenomenon that is causing more damage than good.

Alamo Uses Mobile Games for Earned Media


Alamo, the rental car company, has come up with a unique marketing strategy with the help of agency, 360i. The car company will release mobile games aimed towards family road trips to create some fun earned media for this summer.

Twitter to Develop Geo-Tagging Ads


By the end of 2013, Twitter is planning to let brands show promoted tweets to people who are in close vicinity to their stores. These promotions, known as geo-tagging ads, could be a lucrative way to attract customers. The promoted tweets will include pop-up sales or quick promotions to generate customers to a store.

Dirty Ad for Cleaning Product Causing Earned Media Buzz


CLR the Calcium, Lime and Rust remover has a long history of simple and seemingly boring commercials. However, they recently deviated away from this path and released a hilarious, cheeky ad. The premise is that CLR will make your products so clean that it'll make your mouth dirty.

YouTube Releases #ProudToLove Campaign Today


Today, YouTube released a campaign celebrating Gay Pride month with a moving video and the hashtag #ProudToLove. The video consists of clips from popular YouTube videos of people coming out to their families, same sex marriage proposals and same sex marriage ceremonies.

Miley Cyrus Breaks Vevo Record


Miley Cyrus broke a Vevo record with her latest single, "We Can't Stop." Its music video broke the Vevo record of most video views in a 24-hour period with over 10.7 million views. This odd and provocative video is the first single off of Miley Cyrus' 4th studio album.

AOL Uses Live Campaign To Generate Earned Media for P&G's Secret Deodorant


Today, AOL Live is hosting a nationwide competition to find the next anchor for its live web news series. These potential anchors are auditioning on camera in a live web stream, where people can vote on who they want to win, implementing the hashtag #aolanchorquest.

Toyota's Viral Video is Creating Charitable Earned Media


Toyota is creating much earned media buzz with its latest charitable act to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. Toyota, with the help of creative agency 360i, released a viral video that donates one meal every time the video is viewed.

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