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This Brand Is Flashing 'Boobs and Butt' on Snapchat

Adweek 9.1.2013

Clothing e-tailer Karmaloop is making full use of its in-house photo studio and models to appeal to this young, risqué-minded demographic given Snapchat’s roughly 8 million users.

President of Volvo Trucks Isn't a Daredevil. He Just Plays One in This Insane YouTube Stunt

Adweek 9.3.2013

Claes Nilsson, the president of Volvo Trucks, talks up the Volvo FMX while standing—it is soon revealed—on a truck being suspended over the water by a crane in this crazy YouTube video, which calls out its own craziness. (There's "no trick filming," the automaker assures us.)

A Bombshell From Kia: Lady Gaga, Twitter, YouTube, Shazam And The VMAs

Econsultancy 8.29.2013

Kia has produced one of the year's most memorable adverts, and with the use of Lady Gaga, Twitter, the VMAs and Shazam, the brand looks set for some great 'traction'. With many first-time drivers tuning in, the moderately priced and trendy car was a hit, as seen by some of the many tweets.

Social Media Support Boosting Squash In Final Stages Of 2020 Campaign

Inside The Games 9.2.2013

Squash 2020 has welcomed surging worldwide support across social media platform's due to it providing an all important build-up of momentum at this late stage of the sport's attempt to be included in the 2020 Olympics.

Cinnabon #Fansources Marketing Ideas From Social Media Followers

QSRweb 8.29.2013

Earlier this week, Cinnabon began soliciting marketing ideas from its Facebook fans. The brand kicked off the effort by posting: "Marketing ideas for Cinnabon? Go! #fansourcing". The campaign has so far generated about 80 comments.

Domino’s To Launch Multiple Ad Sync Campaigns As Part Of X Factor App Sponsorship

TheDrum 8.30.2013

Using ITV’s dual-screen ad format, Ad Sync, Domino's ITV will run a number of interactive campaigns to reach consumers on second screen devices with a message that is synchronised with on-air spots. The Ad Sync format will also feature branded games, designed by iris.

Heineken's Reality-Style Ads Are Raking In YouTube Views

Adweek 9.2.2013

The fifth and final plotline in the beer brand’s reality-style Web series, “Dropped,” caps

the oddball adventure campaign’s four prior stories, which have generated more than 2

million YouTube views since June.

ESPN Re-ups With Twitter Amplify for College Football

Adweek 8.29.2013

Television networks and publishers are really getting on board with Twitter Amplify. In the second development of its kind during the last few days, ESPN will quickly deliver college football highlights from numerous games this season—which kicks off this weekend—through its Twitter handle and via the social-TV Amplify platform.

How a $6,000 Video Got 6 Million Views and Launched a Business

Mashable 8.29.2013

Naama Bloom's viral was such a hit that she launched HelloFlo in March as a sort of female answer to the Dollar Shave Club. While the latter let customers buy razors online and get them delivered monthly, HelloFlo's product is tampons.

Promoted Tweet Used To Complain About British Airways

BBC News 9.3.2013

Fed up with the way British Airways was handling the issue of his father's lost luggage, businessman Hasan Syed decided to complain about it. But rather than just put out a normal tweet, he paid to have one promoted.

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New In Earned Media: Twitter Powers Social Video for U.S. Open and Heineken


Twitter has reached a deal with the United States Tennis Association and Heineken for the duration of the U.S. Open using Twitter’s Amplify platform while continuously featuring Heineken.

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Airbnb, the travel accommodations website, launched a short-form video campaign called “Hollywood Vines,” by reaching out to their Twitter following of 160,000. The campaign asked their followers to create specific shots on Vine to be “Revined by @Airbnb.”

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