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CBS is using the technology of "neuro-compression," and working with Nielsen NeuroFocus CEO Dr. A.K. Pradeep to figure out ways to reduce filler in advertising to get to the core message and create a more "effective, better product" with much of the focus now on TV spots.

As marketing budgets have been slashed over recent years and people's attention spans have grown shorter, advertisers and their agencies must look for more effective and efficient ways to communicate their messages.

By utilizing neuro-compression, the more progressive and resourceful advertisers will understand how to reduce less engaging filler that reduces overall ad persuasiveness. This technology will enable the most effective scenes within a TV spot to be identified then edited into shorter and more impactful messages. For many years, we've been talking about the effectiveness of using shorter length spots with our advertisers, and this technology helps prove our point.

This exciting new technology could apply to all TV marketers, reducing media buying costs by coming up with shorter TV commercial messages, which can be repurposed for online and mobile applications, thereby extending audience reach through cross-channel media strategies.

Other studies, including one by Frank N. Magid Associates, found that :10 spots have very strong levels of recall and persuasiveness that matched up exceptionally well with those of :30 spots.

While most advertising agencies have been adverse to shorter units, but this new study should force them to think "shorter is better." KSL Media has always been a big proponent and advocate for shorter, more cost effective advertising. Our firm is advocating recent technology findings with all of our clients. It will enable the most effective scenes within an on-air promotion to be identified and edited into shorter, more impactful messages.

For most marketers, :10s are not just viable options, they are a smart solution to getting their product message out in a strategic and efficient way. It may seem too good to be true, but research proves that the average consumer attention span can retain brand messages that inspire future purchases. It's a case in which less means more... bang for the buck, that is.

Kal Liebowitz, Chairman of KSL Media, has been helping underdog clients for longer than he'd like to admit. As founder of KSL, he established one of the first independent media services in the U.S. Kal has grown his own company by helping to grow his clients' companies for nearly three decades.

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