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Every day, we work with clients to discover new ways to solve their marketing challenges. We suggest a variety of programs from traditional investments to the most innovative social campaigns. We enthusiastically encourage the creation of communities to understand the exchange between the brand and the consumer, all designed to build business and establish a framework to sustain a long, healthy and profitable relationship.

We recommend to our clients that they focus considerable resources and time against social media. While only a fraction of the money is spent on social media, it is THE topic in the business.

The other day it struck me that we may not be practicing what we preach within our own organizations.

While we recommend innovative social campaigns to learn more about the consumer, about the product and how we can change our efforts to align both, are we effectively applying those tenets to help our own businesses?

Earlier this year I joined TargetCast to manage a new division called TargetCast inside. There were many reasons for my decision. One of the important reasons was and is We Practice What We Preach!

  • We regularly meet to celebrate good news and recognize great work.
  • We share ideas that are topical and impact our business lives, in small and large groups.
  • We create communities around clients, around shared personal interests, around things that matter to our company.

Can we do more? Yes and we will!

Because we believe that the best ideas emanate from lively and frequent exchanges between people, we constantly ask ourselves

  • Do we apply the same spirit of innovation to our own business that we do for clients?
  • Do we build communities in the social space within and across departments in our agencies?
  • Do you practice what we preach when it comes to incubating ideas?

When was the last time at your company…?

  • Did people tweet about a great idea they had for a client?
  • Did you encourage discussion about a current topic that impacted your business life?
  • Did you walk into a colleague's office to say hello and share a thought?

I challenge everyone to unleash the power and potential of your agency by practicing what you preach.

Putting this spirit into motion in your company takes hard work. We all know how quickly the "social" space can take on a life of its own. It requires a significant commitment to ensure the attitude and content is professional and focused on solutions.

Our goal should be to have everyone who enters our business feel the excitement, sense of energy and, quite candidly, the buzz that we all get when things work well.

We are at an inflection point in the media business. As the world becomes even more digital, and therefore more accountable, we face an even greater danger of commoditization. To continue to attract the best, brightest and most curious talent, and have them develop within the business and at our companies, we need to encourage healthy and active communication to stimulate the most innovative thinking.

We need to participate and nurture our own "social" space so that great people, with great ideas, can flourish.

So I urge you to Practice What You Preach!

Just imagine the possibilities!

Larry Orell is Managing Director of TargetCast tcm, He can be reached at lorell@targetcast.com

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