Four Things You’ll Learn About Jack Myers and MediaVillage From His Appearance in “Bold Voices” Series Interview

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Jack Myers broadened his scope of diversity beyond gender after researching the first generation to grow up with the Internet and their emergence into the workforce. It is a testament to his dedication to the constant evolution of diversity, equality and inclusion research and practices.

Jack Myers, Founder & Chairman of MediaVillage, joins Bold Culture’s Founder & CEO Darren Martin Jr. for its “Bold Voices,” interview series on Culture Hub, spotlighting inclusive management and marketing practices in diversity and inclusion.

Jack’s specific interests? “Media taking more and more responsibility in the world, to society, to culture, and to humanity than to Wall Street,” Myers explains in the new “Bold Voices” interview series.

There is so much to learn about Jack Myers and MediaVillage in this intimate interview, but here are 4 fast facts you may not have known:

  1. Coming out of college, Jack had difficulties finding a job, so he came to New York and landed his first gig in the industry selling bus advertisements. That job evolved into later selling television ads for CBS.
  2. He launched an initiative called “Advancing Diversity Honors” with a goal to recognize that the industry has been good at advocating for programs but bad at activating successful diversity programs that bring in diverse talent, and also young talent into the industry, then retaining that talent, nurturing and building leadership skills and moving them into the next generation as the new majority into society.
  3. Jack’s whole career has been enhanced by his ability to be a sponge as opposed to a visionary or a futurist and listening, taking in, constantly learning, and constantly educating himself about what’s coming, what’s here, what’s been, and then making certain he conveys the forecast of emerging patterns to his clients for long-term success and preparation.
  4. He’s an author of various books, one most notable is “The Future of Men” that challenges men to “confront their own realities and how they’re perceived in the marketplace, where women are increasingly important in all aspects of our lives,” in a time (2016) where gender norms were shifting as a result of the Hilary Clinton Presidential candidacy.

Learn more about Jack’s mission for MediaVillage and his dedication to inclusivity by watching what he had to say in the interview, only available here on Culture Hub.

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