Letter from Jack Myers on Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In

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Women in Media Mentoring Initiative (www.WIMMI.net) is proud to announce our partnership with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In, a non-profit organization committed to offering women the encouragement and support to achieve their goals. As leaders in media, business and communications, together we can advance the trajectory of women in media professions and create a better business world for all of us.

With females representing 60% of college graduates in the next decade, women are set to alter culture, society and the strategic foundations of corporations, increasing their role, importance and influence. Recognizing the need for an inclusive and supportive environment to women at all stages of their careers, in 2011, I founded WIMMI.

Dual mentoring, which is at WIMMI’s core, acknowledges that young, professional women who have grown up with the Internet and social media have as much or more to teach as to learn.

We have joined forces with Lean In because we believe that cultivating more balanced teams and more female leaders is valuable for our members and the health of our businesses.

We believe the message of Lean In complements WIMMI’s principles of dual mentorship and diversity -- all members are both mentor and mentee. I also believe Lean In’s goals of helping both women and men reach their full potential will resonate with the contributors and subscribers of the MediaBizBloggers.com community.

I encourage you to take advantage of the free materials and programs on leanin.org and those we are developing on WIMMI.net. Many of them are tailored for women, but there is also valuable knowledge on topics that are universally important, such as creating successful teams and combating the negative effects of gender bias.

To join the conversation and receive daily inspirations, ideas and insight from the Women in Media Mentoring Initiative and Lean In Community...

♦ Visit LeanIn.Org: http://bit.ly/12jedfx

♦ Follow WIMMI's Lean In Partner Profile: http://bit.ly/XwybOn, which includes a quote from me explaining why “Leaning In” and WIMMI are a natural fit.

♦ Read and Share "Lean In" stories of women and men “leaning in” and “leaning back” at different moments in their careers, including Monique Nelson, CEO of UniWorld. You can share your favorite stories and add your own here: http://bit.ly/XwybOn.

♦ “Like” Women in Media Mentoring Initiative on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MediaMentors

Tweet to us:https://twitter.com/WIMMIOfficial

For sponsorship and partnership opportunities, please contact me at jm@jackmyers.com ; Let’s advance diversity outreach as a priority for the health of society and business.

Proudly leaning in,
Jack Myers, founder of Women in Media Mentoring Initiative and publisher, MediaBizBloggers.com
Women in Media Mentoring Initiative and MediaBizBloggers.com are members of the Jack Myers Media Business Network

About Women in Media Mentoring Initiative (WIMMI) – Media ecologist Jack Myers, chairman of Jack Myers Media Business Network, in 2011 founded Women in Media Mentoring Initiative with the mission of connecting female professionals in media, marketing and advertising. With principles that include dual mentorship and diversity as a priority, WIMMI offers an inclusive and supportive environment to women at all stages of their careers for professional development, lifestyle management and the formation of lasting friendships. The voluntary organization is open to all women in media, marketing, entertainment and related fields without dues, fees or membership requirements.

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