Lights, Camera, Location and the Future of Proximity Marketing – Dan Hodges

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There is a heightened awareness today of the enormous potential of proximity marketing via smartphones. The question is, how do marketers choose the right technology that not only scales, but also has the ability to be both cost effective and relevant over the next decade?

There are many location technologies, which were outlined in my March 27, 2014 column, “Disruption Time, Understanding Connected Consumers Is Critical for Retailers .”

An interesting revolution in lighting technology is underway. LED lights will be replacing incandescent and fluorescents around the world within next decade. LED lights are the longest lasting and most cost effective form of lighting on the market today. They are projected to be 80% of the market by 2020 according to industry estimates. There is an operational efficiency for LED lights as compared to incandescent or fluorescent lights over a ten-year period.

Qualcomm, Philips and ByteLight that have developed location technology that is embedded into the LED lighting fixtures. All a business needs to do is to install LED location lighting to enable in-store proximity targeting.

ByteLight provides a fully integrated proximity network over their entire store footprint. This means that every consumer action within stores that use ByteLight can be measured 24/7. This data can be analyzed within a single store or by a group of stores. This allows companies to receive a real time view of shoppers’ in-store experiences. ByteLight also has the largest patent portfolio for this technology and is actively deploying the technology with both retailers and technology companies.

The LED lighting and location services are now at an inflection point. Brands have a once in a generation opportunity to save money and to better understand the customer journey for the price of a LED light.

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