The answer to Thursday's Trivia Question: Dave Mathews was the musical guest on Jimmy Fallon the night President Obama was on.

FIRST FIVES: Mike Pierro, Gerald Piscopo, Stefan Strothmann, Patrick Reilly & Catherine Steiger

The answer to Thursday's Blog Only Trivia Question: Nora, Kevin, Sarah, Kitty, Justin and Tommy were all The Walker's on BROTHERS & SISTERS

FIRST FIVES: He Who Shall Not Be Named, Gerald Piscopo, Jill Newman, Allison Brenner, & Bill McLaughlin

Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5




REVENGE (KF)-ABC 2.0/6.8


Wednesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5






Wednesday's Cable Top 5

SOUTH PARK-Comedy Central 1.3/2.3


DUCK DYNASTY-A&E .9/1.8 (I just can't understand this)

NBA-ESPN .9/2.0


Wednesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

SOUTH PARK-Comedy Central 76,361




DUCK DYNASTY-A&E 25,634 (Ditto above)

Last night was a big sports night, the NFL Draft and the Rangers big win and I watched none of it…too busy watching one of the best nights of TV in a long time…

-Strange choice for a co-host as Mathew Broderick gave it a shot on LIVE WITH KELLY. Of course I love Ferris and some of Mathews' other great movie roles, but I have always pictured him and SJP and their kids to be the NY academic types…you know…no TV, lots and lots of books about things like Abraham Lincoln and the history of the bell bottom and for some reason I just assume Mathew reads in a wing back chair while smoking a pipe. So I don't see him discussing JERSEY SHORE or THE BACHELOR with Kelly ever. I also don't think I could take hearing the name James Wilkey every day. Do you think they thought they would call him James or Jimmy or Jim? Did they mean to ALWAYS call him James Wilkey? Oy…no, no Mathew Broderick on LIVE WITH KELLY…it's just wrong. For the record, decent dress and no necklace.

-Last night on RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, when Timmy told Russell that the girl he liked loves musicians, Russell planned to humiliate Timmy by teaching him to play the guitar and serenade the girl in front of the entire company. When he went to perform it, Russell started to feel bad for being so mean to his trusted friend(???) that he joined him on stage and together they sang…what was the song??? Mr. Big's "To Be With You". Of course it was hilarious, check it out:

-It's still really hard to recap the show TOUCH with Kiefer Sutherland, so all I can really say is…this week's number was 1188, Jake's aunt showed up and wants full custody, which I find difficult to understand since Jake can't even thank her for the super cool tablet she gave him, but okay you wanna start following the clues too? It's really exhausting…just ask Kiefer, he runs around all over the place trying to find the numbers. I am happy to report that Kiefer did NOT yell "Jake" once in this episode…it's a nice change…thanks writers. I know that those Happy Pop Twins are going to have something major to do with the story at some point, but for now I like the randomness of their appearances each week. Still such an interesting show. Not sure if it is MUST SEE TV, but it fits nicely into my Thursdays for now.

-Okay, so Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are officially off the charts with their amazingness…both PARKS & REC and 30 ROCK, brilliant TV. Let's start with PARKS & REC. Last night's episode was Leslie Knope's big debate. First we weren't sure if super cute man/child Bobby Newport (super cute Paul Rudd) would actually show up…but he did, and so did three other candidates that we had yet to meet. We had a porn star who looked familiar but I can't figure out from where, a crazy animal activist guy and…Buddy Garrity from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS as a gun obsessed nut job. While all of that was going on, Ann Perkins broke up with Tom, got propositioned by Chris (beautifully coiffed Rob Lowe) and pretty sure she is going to go back to Tom. Ann is running out of guys in Pawnee, so something's got pan out soon! In addition to Ann's love life, all of the campaign contributors were invited to watch the debate and eat Ron Swanson's famous ribs, but when they went to watch the debate, Andy had forgotten to pay the cable bill, so while Ron was climbing the pole to fix it (because of course Ron Swanson can climb a telephone pole and steal cable) Andy was acting out "Roadhouse", "Rambo" and "Babe" and if you had seen those movies, you would know, he did a really good job. Pretty sure Leslie won the debate, but people seem to love Bobby Newport, so ya just never know what Amy Poehler will do next…I can't wait to find out.

-30 ROCK was live last night and it was seriously one of the best episodes ever. The premise was that TGS was not going to air live anymore so Kenneth was defending this poor decision by going through the history of live TV with the staff. Watching the show live is just an incredible experience, especially a show with this much dialogue. You have to give credit to Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer who all had a ton of lines and really didn't screw them up to much. Pretty sure Tina Fey was the first to flub a line but she recovered beautifully. Some great cameo's throughout the 30 minute episode. Jimmy "when ya gonna call?" Fallon played a young Jack Donaghy, Amy Poehler wearing a Grizzly Adams T-shirt, John Hamm with a big afro, Fred Armisen and Sir Paul McCartney…that's right…they even had a Beatle! Loved the Chattertons commercial, Alec as Joey Montero and Jenna as Dusty Springfield, also the guest appearance of Bert Convey's TATTLETALES microphone (if anyone even gets that reference, I am WAY impressed). If you haven't seen the episode, whether you are a fan or not…you need to.

-And last, but certainly not least…VAMPIRE DIARIES. Without anyone taking their shirts off, this episode was still as juicy as always. Of course you can't have a VAMPIRE DIARIES episode without a dance, party or ball…so this week's was "The Decade Dance" and for some reason the decade chosen was the Roaring 20's, because all high school kids, just love the 20's and in Mystic Falls they all know how to do the Charleston and own flapper costumes. Looks like Elena is back on her Stefan kick which is a bummer because if I was kissed the way Elena was by Damon, there would be no going back for me. Ester the crazy witch but Mom to all the evil vampires tricked Ric and planned to turn him into a Vampire-Vampire hunter which would be just insane, so when he finally comes out of his dark side trance, he tells his buddies to kill him because that's the best thing for everyone…so they get a million candles (again at the drop of a hat) and shed a bunch of tears and say their goodbyes…but then, just as we are all totally bummed because now Elena and Jeremy have NOBODY left to take care of them and they are all alone in the world (who does pay all of their bills?) Bonnie just walks right past Damon and makes Ric drink her blood and go through the transition Ester had in store for him all along. So now…Ric is not just a bad guy he's also a really bad Vampire killing mother…hey it's a family blog…but you know what I mean.

-Finally GIULIANA & BILL have good news to share which translated into great ratings! The Tuesday episode ranked 4th against W1849 and delivered 630,000 total viewers. The fifth season is up 36% against W1849 vs. year ago and 28% against total viewers vs. year ago. On the social media front, GIULIANA & BILL drove to its best day for the year in video streams up 105% and Daily Unique Visitors were up 55%. The series was one of the top 5 talked about series socially as well. Just goes to show…America loves a happy ending.

NBC announced its Olympic talent lineup…and the winners are:

Bob Costas-Primetime Host (was there any doubt?)

Al Michaels & Dan Patrick-Daytime Host

Mary Carillo-Late Night Host

Ryan Seacrest, John McEnroe, Bela "You Can Do It" Karolyi and Mary Carillo-Olympic Contributors

So now Ryan begins dipping his toe into the sports pool…interesting…Dick would be proud Ryan

Spike TV announced the nominees for its GUYS CHOICE AWARDS which is set to air on Saturday June 9th. Feel free to go vote at

My top 5 favorite categories: Biggest Ass Kicker, Holy Grail of Hot, Jean-Claude Gahd Dam.

-For all you FRINGE fans…to be honest, not sure if there are any that I know, I never ever hear anyone say…"OMG did you see FRINGE last night?" but there must be some of you, so for all of YOU guys…relax breathe easy…FOX gave the thumbs up for 13 episodes in 12/13.

-Elise Testosterone…oops sorry about that…Elise Testone was voted off AMERICAN IDOL last night. Without the exciting news of Ryan Seacrest's stomach flu, I felt no need to check out the show, so read about it this morning for information purposes only.

As you can see here…Internet advertising is catching up to Broadcast TV and has already rolled over Cable TV…it's only a matter of time.


WWTM's Weekend Movie Selection: INTO THE WILD starring Emile Hirsch. If you have never read the amazing book by John Krakauer, then you will love this movie even more. Sean Penn directed the true story of Christopher McCandless who abandons everything to live in the wilderness of Alaska. Great book, great movie.

Friday's Trivia Question: Bela Karolyi's claim to fame is coaching many Olympic gymnasts, but who is the one that put his name on the map?

Friday's Blog Only Trivia Question: Whose is Adam on RULES OF ENGAGEMENT's famous real life sister?

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