Luck and Pluck -- The Magic of Staying Open to Land Your Dream Job

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What do you do if you start off in one direction only to learn it's the wrong one? How do you get yourself back on track? Today's guest traveled halfway across the world to discover her True North which guided her to the not-always-so-easy shift from an entrepreneurial environment (Kiva) to a new division of a well-established company (impact investing within Salesforce). She has gone on to help the large corporate entity build out a division that is opening new opportunities for partnership and revenue.

Impact Investing is becoming more in vogue and we hear much about it from a personal viewpoint. Today we're going to be speaking more from the enterprise vantage point and get some takeaways about how we can get our own companies to become more impactful from a broader lens, as a community player.

We're fortunate to be joined by Claudine Emeott, senior director of impact investing, Salesforce, where she is responsible for building and scaling Salesforce's impact investments. She leads a new $100M impact fund focused on investing in mission-driven enterprise technology companies in education, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and social sector tech. The fund seeks investments with market returns, demonstrable social or environmental impact, and opportunities to grow the Salesforce ecosystem through strategic partnerships.

Her key takeaways include staying open and the importance of luck.

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