Magic Phrases of Success Revealed by Top Media Leaders -- Walter Sabo

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As an adviser in the C Suite for many years, I have heard a lot of smart people share their thinking. These are some of the most memorable quotes applicable to the real world.

"It's a simple business, people make it hard." Ed McLaughlin, former President ABC Radio Networks.

"All live television is better than any taped television." Lowell Bud Paxson, founder of the Home Shopping Network.

"Firing someone is never easy and it never should be." Richard McCauley, VP Affiliate Relations, ABC Radio Networks (retired).

"I hate when they say I have a golden gut. It's golden when backed with a lot of research and a good team." Fred Silverman. (If you don't know who he is, I can't help you.)

"Could we just hire some great radio performers?" Howard Stern on the state of SiriusXM programming offerings.

"The thing executives lie about most is their education. And that's the easiest to check." Tony Thompson, senior recruiter, Spenser Stuart (retired).

You have to make it happen. You can’t wait for it to happen.”Herb Granath, bought ESPN for ABC.

"The key is to know where every single penny goes." Gary Slaight, sold his company, Standard Broadcasting to Astral for over $1 billion.

"The job of a radio station program director isn't to create programming, it's to protect it from meddling." Rick Sklar, program director of WABC at the height of its success.

I would love to hear your favorite quotes.

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