Making the Case for Stronger Relationships: Publicis Media U.S. CEO Dave Penski (VIDEO)

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Dave Penski, Chief Executive Officer of Publicis Media U.S., has been thinking a great deal about the realities confronting his 7,000+ team members, Publicis clients and the agency's media partners. In a detailed report on the state of diversity, equity and inclusion at Publicis Media, Dave expands on several activations and studies that were first outlined by Publicis Groupe Marketing Services U.S. COO Tim Jones during the organization's induction last year into the Advancing Diversity Hall of Honors. As a partner in the upcoming Advancing Diversity Week, Publicis Media and Penski speak with the credibility that has consistently elevated it above DEI advocacy to activism and inclusion to belonging.

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In my Legends & Leaders conversation with Dave, he reviewed the concerns he is focusing on addressing and solving for his expanding team, acknowledging that more than 1,000 new employees have not yet met their fellow team members in person, a concern that needs to be addressed through innovation and empathy. View the full Legends & Leaders interview with Dave at

Ways of Working: If we're looking to figure out the right way forward with hybrid environments and in office environments, I think we have to continually look at how it affects someone's mental health, how can we prepare people better, and how to reduce the amount of internal meetings we have in order for people to be more productive.

Trust: Trust overall is at all-time premium, so whether you transact programmatically or if you transact verbally and up front, I don't think that that part matters as much. It's having a relationship and having that trust across the board at senior and junior levels that is very important.

Technology and OTT: As much as we have a tendency to over exaggerate the [industry] changes, what I foresee happening is you're going to see more and more ad-supported video on demand, because at the end of the day, people want to have the flexibility to watch what they want to watch when they want to watch it … at the monthly subscription fees they can accept. What is that breaking point for consumers? And that's not always in line with someone's personal economic situation, but what content they're willing to pay for every month.

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