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In 2008 the Travel Channel introduced a food reality series, Man v. Food, where the host (Adam Richman) travels the country looking for new food challenges and exploring the local “must-eat” restaurants. In its fourth season, they re-named it (Man v. Food Nation) and changed the format a bit so that now Adam is roaming the US recruiting locals of the selected cities and serving as their mentor as they take on these interesting challenges.

Advertisers who have purchased ad units in Man v. Food in the past can find out if they are still reaching their targeted consumers now that the format has slightly changed. Below is a graph of the CPG categories that rank high in Purchaser Rating Points™ (PRP™) for both formats of the program…Energy Drinks, Spirits/Liquor, Beer/Ale, Petcare (Dog), Cough Syrup, Ready to Drink Coffee/Tea and Hair Gel category ranked among the highest in terms of PRP™ index. This provides advertisers with the information they need in order to make sure they are reaching their intended target while also showing how to restructure media plans to reduce any wasteful spending. To learn more about TRA and how you could benefit from the information, please visit


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