Maria Weaver of Warner Music Group on Creating an Empowering and Entrepreneurial Workplace (Video)

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Entrepreneurship has been a connecting thread throughout Maria Weaver's career. What makes her unique is the human experience -- the heart and soul -- she integrates into her work. In our compelling Legends & Leaders Conversation, she refers back to her decision to leave a senior role at HBO to spend time with her children. "The decision to leave a role that you love and a company that you love in order to spend more time with your children, is not an easy decision," she says. The realities Maria faced both leaving and returning to work inform her empathy as she counsels women who are making complex career and parenting decisions today.

"There's really not a playbook because what's just happened for the past two years is unprecedented," she explains. "So, we need to be sensitive to how people think about their place in the world, how they think about their connection to the workplace, the stressful moments [we've experienced], and just to understand we're thinking about life differently. We want to create a workplace where people feel empowered and heard, exhilarated and inspired."

Maria was inspired to join Warner Music Group by the leadership's focus on innovation and entrepreneurialism. As the first entertainment business to be disrupted by Internet technology, the music industry has had to be at the forefront of innovation. "What differentiates WMX," Maria shares, "is we are able to offer advertisers access to our very large roster of artists, connecting them in very interesting and creative ways. An advertiser can partner with us to create great content, leverage some of the great content [our artists] create, and at the same time, we have probably one of the biggest owned and operated distribution platforms, which combined with the YouTube inventory WMX represents and a programmatic offering delivers more than 250 million monthly unique visitors."

All those seeking inspiration, entrepreneurial guidance and the wisdom that experience offers can spend a few minutes with Maria in our Legends & Leaders Conversation. View our conversation below and learn more about WMX at

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