Marketing Flywheel of Success (Video)

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The food and beverage industry has been undergoing a major transformation - with the emergence of high growth emerging brands, convenient quick serve and healthy restaurants, and organic and more nutritious snacks and beverages. Monica McGurk has been at the epicenter of the industry. She is the CEO of Tropicana and Mainstream Brands at Tropicana Brands Group, and prior to that she served as Chief Global Growth Officer at Kellogg Company and previously served as a senior C-suite growth leader at Tyson Foods and Coca Cola. In this next episode of the Storytelling Revolution, Monica shares how she has successfully unlocked scalable global growth through authentic leadership and bold innovation. Importantly, she highlights the importance of understanding the underlying corporate algorithm that drives growth by creating cross-functional fluency across Sales, Marketing, R&D, Innovation and Strategy. In particular, she emphasizes the need for financial fluency among growth and marketing leaders.

In addition to her stellar success as a growth leader, Monica is also an award-winning author and recently launched her latest book, ‘The Agency’, which has been described as a perfect mashup of Mary Poppins and James Bond. She creates strong female characters that embark on different global adventures, bringing awareness to important issues around human trafficking and human rights.

Listen above for a riveting conversation on growth, corporate performance and the role of inclusivity in the world of marketing

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