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"Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match" was the once famous song sung by Tevye. Now-a-days, Patti Stanger, host of The Millionaire Matchmaker, is singing a new tune. Playing cupid, Patti and her staff match the dating impaired millionaire with a suitable set of potential partners - she doesn’t do this with a “love potion” she does it by identifying The Right Audience®. Similarly, TRA’s Media TRAnalytics® helps multi-millionaire media plans know which networks, dayparts and programs match best with their most desirous targets so they can air their ads in environments that lead to a marriage generating higher ROI. In the example below, Patti would encourage Liquor, Razors and Skin Care products to “date” the viewers on her show as a perfect match. Help your media plan look its best and to find its Right Audience to grow sales.

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