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The economic forces impacting the media industry have shifted from strong headwinds to what appear to be powerful tailwinds pushing the industry forward. Concerns that secular and systemic forces would compound the cyclical 2009 recession and delay an industry recovery have abated. Both industry and Wall Street analysts have issued a steady drumbeat of positive reports for traditional media, emerging digital media and advertising agencies. It's become increasingly apparent that the expectations of a slow recovery for advertising are inconsistent with reality. In this context, Jack Myers Media Business Report will release new 2010-2012 Advertising and Marketing Forecasts for 19 media and nine marketing categories on May 10. This is the earliest in the year I will be issuing revised forecasts in more than a decade, and while I'm personally thrilled by the resilient media economy, I continue to be professionally wary and slow to join the euphoric parade of positive prognostications that have been reverberating across the industry landscape.

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