Media Industry Analysts Michael Nathanson and Jack Myers Forecast 2021 Media Economy - Tuesday, October 6 at 1:30pm ET

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What will the continuing pandemic and post-COVID media economy look like for investors, media companies, agencies, and content studios? What have we learned in 2020 to inform the 2021 media and advertising economy? Tune in to the "Myers / Nathanson Economic Update and 2021 Forecast" Leadership Conversation on Tuesday, October 6 at 1:30pm Eastern Time, to hear from two of the industry's most accurate and insightful analysts.

MediaVillage founder and The Myers Report editor Jack Myers and MoffettNathanson Senior Research Analyst Michael Nathanson (pictured at top left) will address such pivotal questions as:

  • How are investors and advertisers responding to secular, systemic, cyclical, and pandemic-related disruption in the media business?
  • How are 50+ years of legacy business models being completely disrupted and how can investors, media sellers and agencies prepare for a radically different 2021 marketplace?
  • What is the economic future of e-commerce, streaming TV, gaming, and legacy media?
  • Can we even think about 2022 and beyond?
  • How does stock market volatility impact future planning?

"When we began a series of Leadership Conversations with Michael in April, and then again in July, a primary topic was how media companies could prepare for the economic winter ahead. Now we have perspective from the past several months, a contentious presidential election, social and racial unrest, and massive economic issues emerging, added to a pandemic that appears to have no end in sight," said Myers, whose 25+ Leadership Conversationshave showcased thought leaders from the media, marketing, advertising and entertainment communities. "Now as we expand our education and diversity initiatives as required tools for industry growth, it's more critical than ever for organizations, executives and investors to rethink their planning models for the future."

Register in advance for the Jack Myers Leadership Conversation at this link or go to for the livestream on Tuesday, October 6 at 1:30pm ET.

Michael Nathanson is a Senior Research Analyst at MoffettNathanson, covering both the Media industry and the leading Digital Advertising companies. Nathanson has been consistently named one of the leading Media analysts in the U.S. by Institutional Investor Magazine. Before he began working on Wall Street, Nathanson held strategic planning and financial analysis positions at Time Warner, Cablevision, and MGM. He received a BA from Brandeis University and a master's degree from the Yale School of Management.

Over 25 past Leadership Conversations can be found by visiting and clicking on View All Conversations On-Demand & Register for Future Events. Jack Myers Leadership Conversations support MediaVillage's Media Industry Advancing Diversity Education Fund, helping to underwrite ten industry non-profit organizations and initiatives focused on advancing diversity from advocacy to activism.

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