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Advertisers, does your Media plan have the indefinable "something" that makes for star quality? Does your Media plan reach your brand purchasers or does it fall flat on substance? TRA’s Media TRAnalytics® allows advertisers to find out exactly what networks, and programs work best to reach their targets and provide them with the highest return on investment.

TRA’s patented Media TRAnalytics® system matches media tuning behavior with actual purchases, creating the perfect opportunity to improve ROI. Advertisers are able to plan a successful ad campaign, thereby eliminating the freeloaders in their media plans. In the example below, viewers of FOX’s The X Factor purchased a whole range of products including; Salty Snacks & Popcorn, Petcare – Dog, Energy Drinks, Toaster Pastries/Tarts SS, and Fabric Softener Liquid. Also, viewers were less inclined to purchase goods such as; Spirits/Liquor, Cheese, Diapers, Shelf Stable Dinners & Entrees and Soups. To find out more about TRA, please visit


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