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In French, the phrase pas de deux, literally "step for two,” describes a type of ballet in which two dancers create a unique and intricate piece of moving art. At the International Festival of Creativity in Cannes next week, we will see our industry’s newest variation on this often beautiful dance—the pas de deux between technology and creativity.

Colloquially, the phrase is also used to describe a close interweaving of two things. One of the hot topics of conversation on the Croisette next week will be the pas de deux between creativity and technology – the art and science of marketing – and how vital that intersection is to marketing success.

Michael KassanWhich makes perfect sense, considering Cannes’ remarkable evolution over the years. The advertising version of the event began as a fight for attention by commercial directors frustrated with the lack of acknowledgement given to their efforts by the Film Festival. Ever since then, the festival has been defined by succeeding calls for attention by different constituencies within our industry—by brands, media sellers, media agencies, and technology companies.

Now far removed from its origins as a showcase for commercials, the Festival of Creativity has become a substantial platform for learning, deal-making, and discussion of the trends that so routinely rock our world—a sort of high-powered incubator of transformative ideas and emerging opportunities for our entire business ecosystem.

It’s only fitting that an industry built on getting consumers’ attention should develop into a vibrant forum where all sides of the media equation jockey for attention. And this summer, integrating the art and science of getting attention takes center stage.

This powerful new marriage is what Advertising Age called The New Creativity in a special section published this week and it is why an official programming track of the Cannes Lions — the Tech Talk series sponsored by MediaLink—is devoted to this intersection.

I noted in the Ad Age section that “real-time information about consumer preferences and behavior inspires creative solutions that are enabled by cutting-edge technology and innovations in media.” Technology permeates the creative process and allows for previously undreamed-of executions.

In fact, the fastest way to get written into a media plan today may be to be written into the creative activation first. That’s what will make the 2013 version of the Cannes pas de deux so fascinating—and so important.

And to watch this dance live, please join us for TechTalk. You can see the schedule and reserve a seat right here.

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