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At about $2.7 billion, Mexico’s e-commerce currently makes up about 1.5 percent of the countries overall retail sales. But that number is quickly growing as e-retailers like MercadoLibre pave the way for brick and mortar stores trying to catch up with fast-moving technology and even faster moving tech-savvy consumers.

Many Latin American companies are looking to U.S. e-retailers as examples for success. The region’s main e-commerce challenge is ease of use, a skill many American websites have mastered, said Francisco Ceballos, Country Manager and VP of MercadoLibre. While MercadoLibre is the fourth largest website in Latin America, behind only a few major players like Google and Facebook, it still faces challenges because of shipping logistics and online payment limitations in the region. But MercadoLibre is determined to help bring Mexico’s online sales percentage closer to 10, and in the podcast below, Francisco talks about how those advances will be made and what Latin America needs in order to become a major global e-commerce force.

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