Mobile Advertising & Search Forecast: $26B in 2020

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Mobile advertising and search investments by marketers are forecast to increase an average 55% annually in 2014 and 2015, and will continue to grow an average 22% annually through 2020, slowing at the end of the decade, according to the MyersBizNet Official Advertising/Marketing Spending Data & Forecast.

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Official Marketing / Advertising Spending Data 2010 – 2020  
2014 MyersBizNet Media Business Report     
UPDATED 01-03-14  Data reported in 000,000  
   $ % Change    
 2013 $4,146 80%    
 2014 $6,633 60%    
 2015 $9,949 50%    
 2016 $14,426 45%    
 2017 $18,033 25%    
 2018 $21,640 20%    
 2019 $23,371 8%    
 2020 $26,175 12%    
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2014-2020 are estimates.        

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