Multi-Sensory Experiences for Brands

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This week on Mindshare's Culture Vulture Live, Mark Potts explores multi-sensory opportunities for brands.


A French company called Immersit has developed new technology that can turn any couch into a 4D ride simulator. The plug-and-play product can move your seat up or down, back and forth, and more – shaking and vibrating to sync up with the action that you're watching onscreen. It works both for movies and video games.

Naturally, entertainment marketers should keep an eye out for this kind of technology to help enhance viewing and gaming experiences. But these kinds of multi-sensory experiences can create opportunities for other kinds of brands too.  Neuroscientists have found that the more senses we use when engaging with content, the more emotionally and cognitively attached we become. That means people are much more likely to remember highly multisensory experiences later on. And today where there's so much content competing for your consumers' attention, that's a valuable thing.

In the same way Andy Warhol once combined art and commercialism to create a new movement in modern art, technology is combining with the senses to provide new palettes for creative media. Marketers can use these palettes to create new ways to stimulate consumer senses. At Mindshare, our Sensory+ unit is dedicated to exploring those opportunities.

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